The Best of Both Worlds!

Apco Hybrid Power Wing - 500 This Devolpment comes after extensive work by the Apco R&D team. The Hybrid gives you all the best characteristics from the traditional Apco Power Wing 400 & 500 and much more.

It delivers lift greater than the 550 and the exact handling of the 400, while giving a higher performance in glide ratio than any other rectangular wing on the market.
Apco Hybrid Power Wing - 500
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    Hybrid Power Wing Technical Data
     Size (Area in square feet) 500 550
     Cells 28 28
     Area m2(excluding Stabilizer) 42.7 47.1
     Area (projected) m2 36.88 40.66
     Span (not incl. Stabiliser) m 11.76 12.35
     Span (projected) m 10.04 10.54
     Aspect Ratio 3.24 3.24
     Aspect Ratio (projected) 2.73 2.73
     Minimum gross weight* (payload weight in kg) 280 300
     Optimum gross weight* (payload weight in kg) 350 385
     Maximum gross weight* (payload weight in kg) 400 440
     Total Lift Capacity of Wing (lbs) 1100Ibs 1200lbs
     Load Tested: Max Load with no structural Damage (lbs) 5500Ibs 5500lbs
     Weight of Canopy (Kg) 10 11
     Root Cord (m) 3.95 4.15
     *Maximum gross weight (payload):
     This includes the Pilots, Fuel, Canopy, Frame and accessories.
    Hybrid Power Wing Performance Data
     V-min. 27 km/h
     V-Cruise 50 km/h
     Min Sink (at optimum wing loading) 1.8m/s
    Apco Standard Color Options
    Hybrid Power Wing Colour Options
    You can choose colors for each panel of your chute from our standard range of colors described below.

    Additional colors available upon request.

    When ordering please use the color number.

    Follow this link to the Special Color Order Form.

    Please Note: Due to the limitations of, and differences that occur when using this media, the Colors displayed may differ from actual colors.

    Colors no. 4, 10, 14 are more sensitive to UV rays than other colors from our range due to the fluorescent pigment in the dyestuff of the fabric. Avoid choosing them if your chute will be intensively used on high elevation and/or southern areas with a lot of sun exposure.

    Adevertizing and Sponsors Logo's can be added to customize your wing as desired.
    Colour Color Code
    White 1
    Red 6
    Orange 10
    Sun 12
    Green 14
    Turquoise 20
    Royal Blue 21
    Magenta 23
    Violet 25
    Black 27
    Power Wing Certification
    Load Test Animation
    The Power Wing Static Load Test
    The Apco Powerwing is the only PPC wing available on the market today wich is approved by world aviation standards.

    Apco's Powerwing was tested by ACPULS (AFNOR) in France, and passed both the shock and static strenght load tests!

    Click here to view the Certificate from Afnor, or view the Load Test Graph with this link.
    Power Wing Construction and Materials
     Lines Material Diameter Strength
     Top and Safety Dyneema 2.3mm 200kg
     Lower Super Aramid 3.0mm 290kg
     F, E, Brake Cascades Super Aramid 1.7mm 155kg
     Steering Lines Polyester 5.0mm 450kg
     Sail Cloth 46gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
     Rib Reinforcement 180gr/m2 Mylar (Trilam)
     Warranty 3 Years / 250 hours
    As with all Apco Powered Parachute Wings, The Hybrid Power Wing is suplied standard with a robust carry bag, Line/Riser protection sleeves, and a Manual.

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