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Special Color Orders are to be placed with your dealer. This section of the website is designed to standardize the color order information sent from the dealers to Apco.

Use the color table below to complete your special color order form.

Please Note: Due to the limitations of, and differences that occur when using this media, the colors displayed may differ from actual colors.

Use the only the numbers allocated in the table to the individual colors on the form.

You can specify colors for every individual panel on the top and bottom surface including the stabiliser panels (tips) on the top and bottom.

Make sure to use the planform for the correct size of power wing, since the four sizes have different amounts of cells.

The planforms on the order form include the stabiliser panels for the top and bottom surface.

The Lower Surface panels are numbered from the Right tip to the Left tip when viewed while standing at the leading edge when the canopy is laid out.

The Top Surface panels are numbered from the Right tip to the Left tip in the same fasion as the Lower Surface. In other words, the panel 1 of the lower surface will be corresponding to the panel 1 of the top surface. When viewed while flying the panel No.1 will be the first panel next to the Stabiliser on the Right Wing Tip.

For best results we recomend grouping of colors in groups of two or three panels, since the panels are quite narrow. Click here for a example of a completed order form for the PW500 with a image of what it will looh like.
Colour Color Code
White 1
Red 6
Orange 10
Sun 12
Green 14
Turquoise 20
Royal Blue 21
Magenta 23
Violet 25
Black 27

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