New Apco Ground Handling Wing – The Adama

For several years I have been using various small wings to allow trainees in my paramotor school the chance to learn ground handling skills. The smaller size reduces the physical effort compared to handling a standard size wing, and I have more training days when the wind strength makes it impossible to control anything bigger than 16 metres.

Apco have also recently realised that a small wing would be a useful training aid and I recently had the chance to ground handle Apco’s little ground handling wing called the Adama.

Unpacking the wing the quality materials are normal for Apco, but I have never seen this bright multi colour scheme before. There isn’t too much to say about the simple Adama risers and the simple riser system with trimmers is so simple it allows a beginner to quickly get started. Apco seemed to have developed a wing that is basic, but requires a reasonable level of ground handling technique to be a little challenging. The Adama can be quickly opened up so forward and reverse launch techniques can be practiced in small areas in a wide range of wind speeds. I found it great fun to practice in gusty conditions in sometimes small and difficult areas. The wing has a really small pack down size that is really quick to open in a small space, practice and quickly pack it away again.

The Adama is a perfect combination of a low cost, basic design allowing anyone to practice the essential skills that make take offs easier, safer, therefore reducing the risks to more expensive equipment. The Adama is also an opportunity for paraglider and paramotor schools the use of a low cost training wing reducing wear and tear on a larger flying school wings. Paraglider and paramotor schools may also have more ground handling training days when wind strength becomes a problem.

So I think the Apco Adama will become an important part of paramotor or paraglider training with trainee pilots becoming more skilful with ground handling techniques while practising with this fantastic little training wing.

Paul Haxby

Apco Adama :: School Review :: Paul Haxby