Practice makes Perfect

Adama (translation “Earth”) is a ground handling training wing.

Designed to be used in almost all wind conditions, it will simulate the behaviour of a full scale wing to train for the best practices without risking the equipment and more importantly the user’s safety.
Adama is equally suited to both free flying or paramotor pilots wishing for the right training tool to perfect their inflation and ground handling skills. Dedicated use of the Adama will result in impressive mastering of your wing.
Reverse launch, cobra inflation/deflation techniques, and full ground control are now all in short reach for any pilot training with the Adama.

The Adama is also a great toy for anyone to play with.
Family, especially kids can enjoy it, introducing them to the sport while keeping them entertained.
Pilots should take it out and train whenever the wind is not good for take-off – as practice makes perfect.
In any open space or in the nearest park, inflation training is always an attention grabber!
Another advantage – no need to fold! Shove it in and out of the stuff bag in seconds – Adama has no elements which can deform and no special folding required.

Constructed to last, it will withstand dragging on the ground and harsh abuse – use the Adama instead of wearing out your full size wing!

  • 13 [m]
  • Risers – full 3 risers system for “real wing” behavior
  • Trimmers – to accommodate large wind speed range.
  • Butt Holes (BT2) – passive release of any sand or debris from within the canopy.
  • Ideal training tool for schools
  • Simple design, robust materials – No special folding needed.
  • Small and compact, easy to pack and carry.
  • Designed to be used in combination with APCO’s First harness

Available in “one size fits all”. Bright and attractive – colours are random rainbow patterns with the same colors as shown, but in random sequences.
No specific colour choice can be made when ordering this wing.



This wing is designed and intended for ground handling only.
It has not been tested for flying, and is not certified for flight.

Adama / Size 13
Area [m2]13
Area (projected) [m2]10.80
Span(incl. Stabiliser) [m]7.16
Span (projected) [m]5.53
Aspect Ratio4
Aspect Ratio (projected)2.85
Weight RangeN/A
Canopy Weight [kg]2.45
Root Cord m2.14
Length of Lines on B [m]4.01
Total Length of Lines [m]117

The wing uses the same long lasting cloth and fully sheathed durable lines as on previous APCO wings. This is to guarantee its integrity for entire expanded lifespan of the wing. Nevertheless we made maximum effort to reduce the weight of the wing thanks to advanced solutions applied.

APCO is traditionally known for using materials and building techniques which offer double and triple lifespan over the expected. The glider is made from tear resistant Ripstop Nylon cloth, which is P.U. coated to zero porosity and then siliconized to give the fabric high resistance to the elements. Different cloth is used for the top, bottom and ribs due to their different functions.

The lines are made of superaramid covered with a polyester sheath for protection against UV, wear and abrasion.
The bottom section of the brake lines is made of Polyester because of its better mechanical properties. The Karabiners that attach the lines to the risers are made of stainless steel.

MaterialDiameter [mm]Strength [kg]
TopSuper Aramid1.2120
BottomSuper Aramid1.8230
Brake TopDyneema1.195
Brake BottomPolyester2.085
Sail Cloth42 gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Rib ReinforcementFLEXON® batten system
Warranty1 Year Manufacturing Defects Only

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Order replacement lines from our Line Shop.

Is it ok to fly the Adama?

No – The Adama is intended for ground handling only.
It has not undergone certification nor flight testing.



The right to change prices, specifications or equipment at any time without notice is reserved.

Options and Accessories



ABS control, back plate option. Strong Light weight and durable. The classic starter harness.

42459: Light Clinch Bag


Durable, Comfortable.Made from LightRipstop material. Large Carry Bag for Quick packing of all your equipment. Holds unfolded glider, Harness, Helmet, etc. easily and quickly.
Weight – 500gr.

Open dimensions (Spread Flat): 1.2m x 1.2m



Wing Suitability



    The Lines and Risers have been kept as close to a flying wing as possible, meaning the student learns on something similar to what he or she will fly.


    The wing is easy to inflate, but purposely not too stable. Designed to train the correct pilot inputs.
    Perfect for learning reverse and cobra launch!


    Equipped with trimmers  – from nil wind up to blown out


    One can practice all the normal techniques, from using the brakes, back risers, B’s, A’s or dropping to the side.


    Shove it in and out of the stuff bag in seconds, or nicely folded – up to you!


    According to Apco’s legendary tradition for durability – the construction of the wing is bomb proof! Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction designed to withstand students abuse for as long as necessary.


    Purpose built for learning and improving ground skills


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    DSC – Double Siliconized Cloth

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    L/E FLEXON battens®

    A system for improved launch, lighter weight, prolonged lifespan

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    Integral built-in neodymium brake magnets

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    Laser Cut Technology