Apco Media and Marketing Materials

The materials here are for use by Apco dealers and representatives.
The resource is meant to help standardise brand identity.
We recommend using Apco fonts and Logos for all you marketing and social media .
If you need something that is not here, please contact Apco.

Headings: Orbitron-Black (Needs to be Modified to Italic)
Sub Headings: Arial Bold
Body text: Arial

Apco Blue: #00adee

ThumbnailFile (download)TypeDescriptionBackgroundDimensionsFile SizeDate
Apco Logo PDFPDFApco LogoTransparencyVector412Kb2021 05 24
APCO_logo_Blue.pngPNGApco / Aviation - Text with Bird Logo - In LineTransparency3028 × 451110Kb2021 05 24
APCO_logo_Square_v01.pngPNGApco / Aviation - Text on top of Large Bird Logo Transparency5021 x 5021142Kb2021 05 24
APCO_logo_Square_v02-1024x1024.pngPNGApco / Aviation - Text below Large Bird Logo Transparency1600 x 1600211Kb2021 05 24
Apco_Bird_facebook-1024x1024.jpgJPGApco Icon used for FacebookN/A1024 x x102487Kb2021 05 24
F3_Free_Yor_Mind_w_Apco-Logo_and_Propellor_Flat_Transparent-1024x184.pngPNGApco / F3 Logo with Free Your Mind SloganTransparency1024 x 18456Kb2021 05 24