Terms and Conditions Prize Money

  1. All records must be officially FAI recognized.
  2. All other achievements must be officially ranked and published by the organizers.
  3. All flights must be made on APCO paragliders and the pilot must have concluded a signed contract with APCO. A List of competitions for pilot regestration should be submitted by the pilot to Apco for approval at the start of the season.
  4. Prizes will be paid after receiving a copy of official recognition. (for example: competition results published in one of the leading magazines.)
  5. Prizes will be paid either in cash or in goods.
  6. Absolute: This refers to general overall ranking, both male and female.
    eg. If the 1st female ranks 5th general/overall, the 1st female does not qualify for a prize.
  7. Countries in which 2 leagues exist – prizes will be awarded for Open Class only as listed.
  8. Local/Regional competitions, or National competitions in countries not listed will be awarded prizes on an individual basis on application and in accordance with APCO policy.
  9. The incentives and prizes are intended for free flying paragliding competitions and records.
    For incenties for all specialized competitions such as ACRO, Accuracy Landing, Paramotor etc. – Check with APCO.

Terms and Conditions Photograph Rewards

  1. Apco is free to choose which pictures to submit to which magazines and is not obligated to submit all photos.
  2. Apco is free to use all photos submitted at its’ own discretion.
  3. Published pictures that were not submitted by Apco will not be recognized, and are not eligible for rewards.
  4. Published pictures must be from the current Apco Paragliders/Paramotors products line.
  5. Prizes will be paid either in cash or in goods.
  6. Photos published in more than one magazine will be rewarded only once, at the highest rate.
  7. Apco will not use pictures that were not sent to the magazines for its own use without prior consent from the sender.