Become an APCO Dealer

APCO is continually looking for enthusiastic dealers who are interested in representing our quality range products worldwide. If you are a school teaching flight and interested in becoming a dealer for APCO please do not hesitate to email us.

To help us better understand who you are and what are your business needs, please fill in the form with answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you a school teaching flight?
  2. If yes, how many students a year in each discipline?
  3. What brands do you work with today, for which products and why?
  4. Current personal equipment?
  5. Briefly describe the market in your area ?
  6. How many pilots flying?
  7. How many active schools?
  8. What are the most popular brands in your area? 
  9. How many new wings do you expect to sell in a year?
  10. Can you provide references of professional people in paragliding who could recommend you?  


  1. Let us know how you came across APCO.
  2. Why you would like to sell our products?
  3. Which of our products do you know and which would interest you to sell?
  4. How would your first order look?  How many new wings are you ready to buy as initial order (personal equipment / demos / stock / school) ?


We separate dealers into 3 different categories:

• Paragliding (Free Flying – FF)
• Paramotoring (PM)
• Powered Parachutes (PPC)

Each dealer can request to represent APCO in more than one category, but will be obligated to meet minimum annual sales and minimum first order for each category separately.

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Before starting cooperation, you must acknowledge the following guideline rules.

Additionally each order you may place in future will be conditioned to our Terms of Sale.


  1. Dealer’s sales are limited to the agreed country or area.
  2. Online or e-commerce sales must be approved upfront with APCO.
  3. Stock and demo wings are the best selling tools. Our products are the best and exposure is the key to success. We highly recommend that our dealers hold the main items for demo purposes!
  4. We always require prepayment.
  5. Our dealership is for 12 months from receiving our price list. It will be automatically extended as long as there is ongoing business.


Our pricelists include all the information below:
a) Recommended retail price without VAT/sales tax.
b) Distributor price without VAT/sales tax.
c) Quantity discounts if available.

To become a dealer we typically require a minimum first order which has to be met to show serious business intentions. Following this first order you will have the right to order according to the distributor price as shown in our pricelist.


Our goods are made in-house and are following by a manufacturing declaration which exempts our goods from import Customs for the following countries:

If you are located in one of the above countries – you can expect to pay local VAT/sales tax, but not import duties.



We can follow your shipping requirements. If you have your own account with one of the courier companies, (TNT, FEDEX, UPS) you can arrange pick up of your shipment and in this case our invoice will not include any shipping costs!

We usually ship using EMS (Express Mail Service).
EMS is economical and unlike other couriers has no volume charges. This is important when shipping items such as harnesses and helmets!

Alternatively, we can ship using TNT Economy Express which is more expensive, but faster.

We make maximum effort to choose the most economical shipping method for each shipment  according to destination and total weight Vs volume.

All shipping charges are an estimate only and final cost of shipping is calculated only when issuing the invoice when all goods are packed and weight and volume are final.


We Expect all our dealers to have a clear Apco dedicated online presence.

We will refer customer inquiries in your area to you pending your availability and speed of answering customers questions.


Printed materials are no longer available. We expect each dealer to translate the content of the website to his language and to promote in the most efficient channels for his customers (Printed, social networks, Website).

You Are free to use any material available on our website for your needs. If you need any photo in higher resolution for print quality – please inquire directly with us.



With your first order you are entitled to purchase the following at a special price:



All orders MUST be PREPAID.
Payment over 1000 $/Euro:
We prefer to receive by Bank Transfer. We will credit your account for the full amount we receive.  Our bank fees are covered by us. In case you are credited less than the amount sent, this is due to fees applied by your bank – inquire with your bank.

Payments under 1000 $/Euro:

  • We accept all major Credit cards
  • Paypal – we apply 5% surcharge.


Upon starting cooperation, we will set sales targets (number of wings per year) according to the market conditions and potential. These target sales are to evaluate your sales performance and to insure the continuation of the dealership agreement.

A minimum periodical sales figure will be coordinated upon starting cooperation and must be reached in order to keep the dealer rights.


All of the above are general guidelines – we are pilots working with other pilots. Any exceptions or changes requested will be discussed with us directly  – we are always here for your business needs!



APCO is currently represented worldwide in more than 50 countries, by over 70 dealers, on every continent other than Antarctica!