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Power Wing MK IV

The only AFNOR Certified PPC Wing!
Certification: Afnor – Tandem

The Powerwing MK IV, representing the 4th generation in rectangular wing design (from Apco). It is a logical evolution of the previous MK III design which was well accepted by PPC pilots. MK IV has even better handling and stability with a more coordinated turn and improved rigidity in the air, making flying more comfortable and reassuring. The wing still has the classic rectangular look and retains all the parameters and features of previous Apco Powerwings.

Every pilot stepping aboard will immediately feel at home, having the extra reasuring feeling of MK IV.

Apco’s Powerwings are the only PPC wings available on the market today wich is approved by world aviation standards. Apco’s Powerwing was tested by ACPULS (AFNOR) in France, and passed both the shock and static strenght load tests!

Competition Results:
2004: Apco PW 550 was World PPC Championship 1st Place Winner – by Clyde Poser
Apco PW 550 was World PPC Championship 2nd Place Winner – by Jeff Jensen

1999: Apco PW 550 was Grand Champion in the US National NAPPF Competition – by Butch Mood.
Apco PW 550 was Engine out Competition Winner – by Butch Mood.

1998: Apco PW 500 was Grand Champion in the US National NAPPF Competition – by Mike Harmening

Custom Colors are available for all the APCO Power Wings. Standard colors (below) are available on shorter delivery times. To find out more about ordering a custom designed parachute, please refer to our Custom Color Page.

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Area [m2]43.146.1
Area (projected) [m2]36.639.9
Span(incl. Stabiliser) [m]10.9211.76
Span (projected) [m]9.2610.10
Aspect Ratio2.792.79
Aspect Ratio (projected)2.342.56
Min. Gross Weight* [kg]250275
Opt. Gross Weight* [kg]320345
Max. Gross Weight* [kg]375400
Total Lift Capacity [lbs]10001100
Load Test: Max Load# [lbs]55005500
Canopy Weight [kg]1011
Root Chord [m]3.953.95
Riser specificationClick here for hook-up points spread distance
Warning: any different setup is outside this frame of certification for the wing
V-min [km/h] @ optimum wing load27
V-Cruise [km/h] @ optimum wing load50
Min Sink [m/s] @ optimum wing load1.8

*Gross Weight: includes weight of the Pilot, Fuel, Canopy, Frame and Accessories
# Maximum Load without structural damage

MaterialDiameter [mm]Strength [kg]
Top and SafetySuperaramide1.8230
Lower (PW400)Superaramide2.2220
Brake CascadesSuperaramide1.7155
Steering LinePolyster5450
Sail Cloth46 g/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Rib Reinforcement180 g/m2 Mylar (trilam)
Warranty3 years / 250 Hours

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What the hell? I just found that my quick link is rated to only 400kg?!?!

Hey Everyone.This misunderstanding / issue comes up every few years (WLL vs MBL).

Quick-Links (Mallion Rapide) are rated in WLL (Working Load Limit), they have a MBL (Minimum Breaking Load) of 5x the WLL.
So A Quick-Link with a WLL of 400kg, has a MBL of 2000kg, and will hold more when used correctly.

Working Load Limit (WLL) – the allowable load for use at work. This term originates from general industry use.

WLL is the static load that is allowed to be loaded on the part in normal use.

While using the part, the work is not static, there are accelerations!  (As in flight during turning).  For example a crane that starts to lift or moves from side to side and then stops.  In the case of the Peguet’s quick-links the manufacturer sets a 5G safety factor that the accelerations should not pass while working.

Maximum Breaking Load (MBL) – The ultimate load the part can tolerate before failing.

According to the above, for Peguet’s quick-links this is 5 times the WLL, therefore 5X400=2000 [Kg].


Apco’s PPC wings are also designed for a specific WLL. (for the Cruiser 550 this is 500 [Kg]).
According to the certification requirements, the G rating/Safety factor required is 6G.
Therefore the total max load the parachute can carry is 3000 [Kg] (6613 pounds ).
On each PPC there are 4 Quick links, each of them can carry 2000 Kg=> the capacity of the quick-links together is a whooping 8000[Kg] (17637 pounds)

If taking only 2 quick links into consideration (Load of the parachute is always distributed equally between the left and right sides) – this is more than enough!
4000 [Kg] vs the designed weight of the parachute which is 3000 [Kg]

There is always a bigger, heavier, more expensive option.  The question is: What is really needed?

Hope this clarifies the issue – All of Apco’s pilots can be reassured they are in good and capable hands!


Quick Tips: it is Super important the quick links are properly tightened.

A few do’s and don’ts:


  1. Do not over-tighten the Quicklinks and destroy the thread repeatedly.
  2. Do not knock on it with a hammer to open a locked thread
  3. Do not knock on it with a hammer to change the shape of the Quick-Link
  4. A Quick-Link that does not turn with reasonable force (reasonable force – the closing torque determined by the manufacturer) must be replaced!
  5. Do not fly with Open / un-tightened Quick-links !!!
  6. Always fasten the quick-links to their manufacturer recommended torque, using a proper sized torque wrench. (Recommended torque is attached on a label to the quick-Links with each new Apco PPC wing )

50011: Custom Colour

Apco Gliders can also be ordered with custom colors to suit your needs, be it a personal preference or for advertising purposes.

Wing Suitability



    The original, foolproof, Power-Wing – Its That Easy.


    The PW will lead you straight in to the runway, with little tendency to Pilot induced oscillations, making it a very easy wing to line up and land on the spot. Flair is long but effective.


    Climbs well under power, descends well when cut. Easy. Predictable.


    The Original, time-proven wing that has shown just how durable and reliable Apco wings are.


    According to Apco’s legendary tradition for durability – the construction of the wing is bomb proof! Extremely durable cloth combined with proven construction designed to withstand daily use.

  • Power-Wing

    Reliable, Durable, Workhorse.


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    DSC – Double Siliconized Cloth

  • null

    L/E FLEXON battens®

    A system for improved launch, lighter weight, prolonged lifespan