Split Leg Harness with LOW Hook-In Points

Paramotor Harness

Here it comes – the revolutionary concept – Split Leg Paramotor harness – finally a reality!
We at APCO are proud to have brought to life an idea which has been in the air for a long time – a split-legs paramotor harness which would have no seat-plate, weighing absolute minimum, but in terms of comfort and safety would exceed the standard classic paramotor harness.


    Split Legs

    The Split-Leg concept for Paramotor flying opens up new possibilities and sets a new standard, which if fast being followed by many other brands.
    Giving up on the seat plate immediately allows for reduction of the weight by a half kilo at least. Absence of hard seat plate, makes it easier to create a design where the power is closer to the body (Less torque effect). Split leg seating allows for improved weight shift  steering, which is great for anyone from beginners to slalom racers.

    CG - Center of Gravity

    Effortless takeoff and landing with gravity center moved closer to the back, makes the unit feel lighter.
    No seatplate and Split legs arrangement permits undisturbed take-off run. No hard pieces bumping your thighs on launch which makes it way easier and far more comfortable.

    Surprisingly, contradicting common belief, APCO designers were able to create a harness which is comfortable, above expectations and makes handling of the power unit on take-off and in flight far simpler and effortless.
    The design is rich in options, attentive to the smallest details, with striking appearance of haute couture creation.

    Only top quality materials were used, aiming for the best possible finish, comfort and style.

    Available in 2 sizes accommodating most pilots.

    • Super Light weight – under 1.5 Kg.
    • Fits most frames with low hook in points
    • Super light ventilated ergonomic back support with specially designed foam to isolate engine vibration.
    • Optional Mirror Kit
    • Extra wide 3D padded shoulder straps for maximum load spreading and carrying comfort.
    • Split leg design for undisturbed running and easier body transition during takeoff and landing
    • Integrated emergency parachute connection loops.
    • New lightweight quick lock buckles specially selected for split legs design – safe and easy to operate.
    • Cloth – high density, strong and durable, but lightweight.
    • All webbing adjusters – lightweight, top grade aluminium, easy to operate.
    • Ergonomic breathable back support
    • Double position main attachment loop for side bar.
    • Loop for pull start bungey cord on both of the shoulder straps.
    Harness1.500 [Kg]1.500 [Kg]
    Back Vibration Isolating foam (removable)0.090 [Kg]0.090 [Kg]
    Total Weight1.590 [Kg]1.590 [Kg]
    In-House Load Tested

    APCO’s range of its world famous MayDay parachute, compatible with the purpose designed Emergency parachute compartment which can be Zipped on and off either side of the harness and is interchangeable with a zip-on Pocket.

    Optional Airbag will provide additional protection in case of impact with the ground.

    Pilot Protection

    The optional airbag provides additional protection in case of impact with the ground.
    More information is available in the accessories section

    Reserve System

    The Optional zip-on side mounted reserve container system for this harness integrates seamlessly into your setup, and provides peace of mind knowing you are flying with a rescue system.

    Can this harness be used for free flying or ground handling?


    The reason is that paramotor harnesses are designed to be hung from the middle of the side arms.
    The main harness hook hook up points are connected to the front of the side arms, but using the side arms in reality your hanging point is somewhere in the middle of the side arms.

    Using a paramotor harness main hook up points as the main hang points without side arms will result in harness position in which you are 90 degrees rotated backwards looking straight up to the canopy.
    It is very dangerous and impossible to use in this way.

    Ground handling is possible, but if there will be even momentarily enough lift to disattach the pilot from the ground, you will be flipped onto your back!
    You can to test this out yourself by performing a simple, stationary hang check in a safe environment.

    Attaching the carabiners to any other point in the harness other than the main hang points is also strictly forbidden due to strength considerations of the harness.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Optional Accessories

    Mayday Light


    Mayday 16 LT, Mayday 18 LT, Mayday 20 LT – The LT shares the same construction as the SLT, but uses PN1 cloth which is slightly heavier.



    Harnesses – Sizing Table

    HarnessSizeCodeHarness Weight [Kg]*Pilot Size (cm)Back Length (mm) - ASeat Length (mm) - BSeat Width (mm) - CDist. between Karabiners (mm)- DSupported Back (mm) - EHook-in Height (mm) - FPod Length - G
    First IIIMultisize with
    zipper expander
    481332.145 (incl.)140-190
    Hikeone size470301.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Chairbag Integral Vone size460303.240 (incl.)160-185700390380385 - 575450430
    RitmaS/M450503.900 (incl.)Up to 170680400390420 - 615360420
    RitmaL/XL451004.000 (incl.)170-185750435400420 - 615400415
    RitmaXXL451504.100 (incl.)180 and up750435400420 - 615400405
    Spark IIS/M431025.120 (incl.)Up to 170740370350375 - 575400390
    Spark IIL/XL432025220 (incl.)170-185775410390375 - 575420415
    Spark IIXXL433025320 (incl.)180 and up790470400375 - 575420440
    KittoS / M443102710 (incl.)up to 185
    KittoL / XL443202840 (incl.)**180 - 205
    Swift RaceM/L446105.950 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift RaceXL446206.150 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift SportM/L446305.310 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift SportL/XL446355.510 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift ZeroM/L446404910 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift ZeroL/XL446455.110 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    2 Lightone size426101.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Tandem Pilot Harnessone size424004.500 (incl.)Up to 195
    Tandem Passenger Harnessone size425003.300 (incl.)a wide range
    of passenger sizes
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    434001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440600/690
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    434101.590 (incl.)185 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540620/710
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    435001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440420/480
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    435101.590 (incl.)180 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540420/480/540
    Universal ParamotorMultisize with
    zipper extender
    410153.100 (incl.)Up to 190630/690430390240-640440/500460/680/750
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    High Hook-Up points
    Multisize with
    zipper extender
    280152.550 (incl.)Up to 190660/720400380360-610380/440590/680
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    4204252.495 (incl.)Up to 185660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    4204262.495 (incl.)180 and up660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    Trike Pilotone size491002.850 (incl.)160-190690330+9043050360420-580
    Trike Passengerone size492502.100 (incl.)160-190600340410510330350
    *Harness weight denotes the total weight of the harness including Standard parts supplied with the harness such as; Seat Plate, Airfoam Protector, vibration foam (PM harnesses), and if relevant, the optional Lexan Plate.
    It excludes other optional accessories such as Cockpits, Stirrups, reserve parachutes, zip-on side pickets/reserve containers etc.
    **Estimated Weight

    The Split Legs Paramotor Harness is available in 2 sizes and with a zipper extender, which accommodates most pilots

    • 43500    – S/M Split Legs Low Hook-In PM (up to 185 cm)
    • 43510    – L/XL Split Legs Low Hook-In PM (185 cm and up)
    • 80039    – Zipped on Side rescue container
    • 80038    – Zipped on Side pocket
    • 43107C – Ball bearing pulley assembly, ready to install (sold per piece)