OEM Harnesses

We offer customers our experience and expertise

APCO Aviation produces Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)  harnesses for a variety of leading brands in the aviation industry.
We offer customers our experience and expertise as the #1 advantage of choosing us a sub-contractor.

APCO’s 40 years of experience in production of paragliding equipment, gives us the possibility of making our customers work process much faster and easier – solving any technical issues, as well as numerous ways to improve the product, in functionality and material choice.

We follow and see through certification process for our customers if required.

APCO itself is one of the biggest harness manufacturers in the world with over 3,000 harnesses made every year.

Among our partners: Air Italy, Adventure, France; Kangook, Canada; Miniplane, Italy; R.Ultralight, France; Fly Products, Italy; Parajet, UK; Backbone, France, Wildplay, Canada – Zoom harness – special project certified zipline custom made harness.