Custom Logo

Would you like to have a custom logo on your wing?

Apco Gliders can be ordered with a Logo of your company, or your Sponsor on it. Logos are produced by means of applying insignia (sticky back) cloth to the glider. The insignia cloth is laser cut into pieces that once applied to the glider will compose the logo. Logos are limited in complexity – therefore gradients and shadows are not possible, outlines must be verified with us. Color choice is dependent on the colors of insignia we have available  (see table below).

Logos can be applied to new gliders from our production only – logos are applied before lines are assembled on the glider.

To produce the logo we recommend to send the graphic layout of the logo in a vector format (Illustrator, Coral-Draw, PDF, etc.)

We are unable to provide an Illustration of the logo on the glider, you can see examples on the photos below.

If you are interested in ordering a custom logo glider, please contact us with your logo.

  • Email: apco[at]


Colors available for custom logo:
Black Lavender Violet
Red Dark Green Yellow
White Royal Blue Light Grey
Green Bottle Green Bordeaux