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Browse through our old stock list and find bargains on wings, harnesses, maydays, helmets and accessories.
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Libra S12008EN CAll RedPR0636Good condition - after flight tests$590
NRG Pro II / XC II 18.512017DGACBlue#339316BAAfter testing, like new.
Can be supplied as
XC 2 or PRO 2
Libra L12009EN C#10 Jade/White210994Very Good condition - after flight tests$590
Vista XXS Special design12016-SpecialPR8119Special project freestyle PM wing 22 Sqm.
Excellent condition
NRG PRO 1 18.512014DGACOrange336846Excellent condition - after test.
Force M1-EN C / DGACAll OrangePR0588Fair - New line set$890
Force S1-EN C / DGACZestPR0884Very Good Condition. New Lines$1190
Thrust 5, M12017DGAC PendingICE229112Excellent Condition. Like new.
Factory glider
Prototype EN-C ,
Size Medium
12014-All Orange-New - good flying characteristics.
Performance on speed bar not up to date
Prototype EN-B ,
Size Medium
In Good Condition
Vista IV Light L12020EN-BBordeaux18/38Brand New!
Stock Clearance.
Vista IV Light L12018EN-BBlue20/10Like New - after test$1999
Hybrid M prototype12018--Black/Green/TurquisePR9656Sheathed lines regular cloth, not light. Excellent condition$1900
*Light version*
12018---Golden Brown/Turquoise/WhitePR0200Prototype of light version LIFT EZ-R.
Excellent condition.
Standard configuration.
Karma EVO M12011EN-AYellow/Red/Black
Bottom: White
PR0639Used in Fair Condition
One small patch on the bottom
Folding marks on bottom surface
Karma EVO L12013EN-ABlue/Red
Bottom: Baby Blue
245539Very Good Condition
Folding marks on bottom surface
Hybrid XL 12019EN-BSurf380544 Used.
In Very Good Condition
Hybrid M
Free flying version
12018EN-BBreeze380002Used, in Good Condition$2130
F1 Size 2212019DGAC PendingAzure220855After testing.
Very good condition.
Like New!
F1 Size 1812019DGAC PendingDevil1/11 PR0471Used Proto in good condition$2260
Twister II 181-Orange7/11Fair condition.
PW 550 Prototype12015Blue/Yellow colorsPR707102Used in good condition.
Big APCO logo on bottom surface


BladeL/XLUsedFactory harness$300
Spark L/XL2009Red/GreyUsedProto
Split HighS/MLike New
Universal Paramotor PodOne size2019Used
2-3 flights during filming of F1 video$122
Universal Paramotor harnessOne size2020Like New
1 flight
No backplate
No carabiners


MayDaysSizeSerial #ConditionCommentsPrice


ImageModelQuantitySizeColourGrade *CommentPrice
Cloud Chaser1Smatte greyB1(#61) 2 slightly bright spots in paint.$119
Cloud Chaser1XLblueB1(#62) New with a few minor scratches$119
Cloud Chaser1XLmetallic blueA(#48)Brand new - Production sample$119
Cloud Chaser1Smetallic blueA(#50)Brand new - Production sample$119
Speed IClearanceXLsilverA-First gradeBrand New,stock clearance, last pieces left, Inc. tinted visor- Supplied with helmet sack$115
Speed "new"ClearanceXS, S, XXLblackA-First gradeBrand New,stock clearance, last pieces left, Inc. tinted visor- Suplied with helmet sack$115
Blade1MsilverA(#27) New - Brown Leather end cup$109
Free air Com II1MredB2(#60) Free flying only (not for paramotor use)$89
Cloud Chaser1SblackA(#26) New - Long chin Prototype$89
Free Air Com1XLwhiteB1(#52) Production sample - No Visor option$89
Integral Helmet1LsilverA(#29) New - Long chin Prototype$89
Blade IClearanceS, L, XL, XXLdark greyA-First gradeBrand New, stock clearance, last pieces left - Supplied with helmet sack$79
Free Air1XLsilverA(#31)New$79
Cloud Chaser1SblackB2(#25) Long chin Prototype
Two shallow scratches ~ 1 cm
Free Air1XLwhiteB2(#28) New with a few minor scraches$61
PPG1SGreyB22 Extra Visors included
Stock # 72
PPG1L/XLGreyB2Stock # 73$59
PPG1L/XLGreen/BlackB2Stock # 75$59
PPG1MOrangeB2Stock # 64$59
FreeAir IClearanceXS, S, XXLwhite, grey and blueA-First gradeBrand New, stock clearance, last pieces left - Supplied with helmet sack$59
Free Air1XLblackB1(#34) New - 2 small paint chips$59
Free Air1XLblueB1(#30) New - Production sample$59
Free Air1LblackA(#42)Brand new - prototype, ski helmet design$59
Free Air1MgreyB(#45)New with a few minor scratches$55
Downhill bike helmet1Sred/silverA(#10) Hard Head logo$49
PPG1MOrange with BlackB2Stock # 82$39
PPG1S/MBlueB2Stock # 81$39
PPG1MBlack with GoldB2Stock # 80$39
PPG1LargeMatt BlackB2Stock # 79$39
PPG1MBlack/RedB2Stock # 78$39
PPG1MBlackB2Stock # 77$39
PPG1LBlackB2Stock # 76$39
1MYellowB2Stock # 63$39
1MWhiteB2Stock # 65$39
1MGreyB2Stock # 66$39
1SBlackB2Stock # 67$39
1MGreyB2Stock # 68$39
1SBlueB2Stock # 69$39
1XS/SBlueB2Stock # 70$39
1SBlueB2Stock # 71$39
Free Air1SwhiteB1(#33) New - Prototype$39


ImageModelQuantitySizeColourGrade *CommentPrice
Air-Extreme Overall - Regular1LBlack / YellowUsed$50
Air-Extreme Overall - Comp1SGreyBrand New$99
Air-Extreme Overall - Comp1SVioletBrand New$99
Air-Extreme Overall - Regular1SGreyBrand New$99
Air-Extreme Overall - Regular1SVioletBrand New$99

– No returns for items purchased from Clearance.
– Stock clearance gliders are supplied in a stuff bag only.
– Stock clearance gliders are NOT sold with FREE SHIPPING -cost of shipping will be quoted upon request.
– Paraglider backpacks may be ordered separately.
– Protos are airworthy but are not certified.