Light Paragliding Harness

The Kitto is a lightweight, seat-board-free pod harness. Weighing in at under 2.6 [Kg], the Kitto is light, but in line with APCO’s tradition, it does not compromise whatsoever on durability, safety or comfort.

Kitto completes our range of XC pod harnesses, offering a hammock design which supports the body without incorporating the traditional seat-board.

The origin of the name “Kitto”, or “きっと” is a Japanese word which translates to: ‘certainty’ or ‘without fail’.
Certainty is exactly what Kitto will give you – both in your flight decisions as well as trust in your equipment!

The Kitto harness is designed to give the maximum amount of feedback from the wing. The airfoam creates a semi-rigid base for the seat, combining the weight advantages of hammock style harness and the “talkativeness” of a seat-board harness. It will be comfortable for hours without compromises.

Kitto is protected by a combination of airfoam + lexan – unique to APCO, providing superior protection qualities.

The reserve container and bridle arrangement are separately and neatly secured with a zipper closing system which allows for very fast, low friction opening.

The Kitto is compatible with our Flight Deck Lite,  which is quick to install and remove as needed. The harness is supplied with a preinstalled three-step speed bar, and a foot bungee for ease of entry after takeoff. The harness also packs small, so, when combined with a lightweight glider, will easily fit into a compact backpack such as our Light Backpack 80, and it can even be reversed into its own rear storage compartment, to keep it compact for packing.


    Body Geometry

    Kitto is a seatboard-free design which give a hammock like support. Set up correctly the harness gives equal support to all body parts, leading to maximum comfort and relaxed position during flight.  The Geometry and webbing construction were fine tuned to find the perfect balance between comfort and activeness. The Kitto will transmit exactly what the wing is doing, but in a way which is reassuring and not surprising.

    Comfort without sacrificing on weight or safety was the objective, achieved by having sufficient seat and lumbar support by using lines connecting the side of the hammock to the carabiners . The airfoam protector serves as additional support to the hammock seat resulting in the desired activeness and feel.
    The harness is supplied in a default factory setting so that most pilots will not need to make any further adjustments to the secondary support lines (green in the image).

    Speed & Aerodynamics

    Special attention was given to the speed system. The ball bearing pulley position was carefully placed so that the harness does not pitch up or down while applying the speed system.
    Regardless of your wing, you will be amazed how easy it is to push the speed bar with this harness.

    The Kitto has a low drag profile for aerodynamic efficiency and an extremely clean surface to minimise friction drag!
    The elastic pod is made from the same, PU coated lycra cloth already proven on the Swift Sport and Zero harnesses. This pod material is highly elastic, contributing to a very tight, wrinkle-free structure. The PU coating is windproof for a cozy warm feeling even at the highest, coldest altitudes.

    The rear pocket is large enough to accommodate a light backpack, water bladder and more.

    A zipped closed rescue bridle channel contributes to the sleek harness surface and a safe secure reserve deployment sequence.


    The Kitto was designed to be light. Saying that, it is still a durable harness and no shortcuts were taken with construction or materials.
    The footplate is made of our lightweight Polycomb material – a composition of Polycarbonate in honeycomb structure.

    Pilot Suitability

    A lightweight pod harness which will be suitable for all levels of pilot who prefer a hammock like harness over a seatboard design.

    With no tendency to drop radically to the side during asymmetric loading, nor to twist easily, the harness will give a very secure feeling, and will help any pilot build confidence and improve flying.

    Pilot Size165 - 185 cm180 - 205 cm
    Weight (empty)1.810 kg1.980 kg
    Polycomb foot plate0.200 kg0.200 kg
    Airfoam Protector0.500 kg0.500 kg
    Total Weight2.510 kg2.680 kg
    Lexan Plate (removable)0.160 kg0.160 kg
    Reserve Container Volume (Litres)5.985 (19.0x14.0x22.5cm)5.985 (19.0x14.0x22.5cm)
    Airfoam Protector Thickness17cm17cm

    One colour only: Black








    Reserve Parachute Compatibility Table

    MD SLT 16YES
    MD SLT 18YES
    MD SLT 20YES
    MD LT 16YES
    MD LT 18YES
    MD LT 20YES
    MD 16YES
    MD 18YES
    MD 20NO
    MD BiNO

    Fully EN certified to 120 [kg]*. As far as protection goes, the Kitto is full featured, complete with 17cm lumbar protector, which is a an integral part of the seat-boeard-less design of the harness.
    In other words, it is not recommended to fly the harness without the protector installed.

    Pilot Protection

    The pilot protection environment of the KITTO is as extensive as is possible in a lightweight pod:
    A 17 [cm] Airfoam protector combining a lexan sheet which aids in spreading the load over the absorbing area of the airfoam, offering the maximum protection available on any competition harness.

    The airfoam with its energy absorbing capabilities will reduce impact in the case of an accident or bad landing. The Lexan plate will spread the load of a sharp impact (Rocks etc) over the area of the airfoam and will prevent penetration of object sharp objects (usually tree branches) through the harness .

    Reserve Parachute System

    The Kitto’s Reserve Parachute System is a result of many prototypes and deployment tests, and the end result is a system that is compact, safe and intuitive to deploy. The reserve container is situated on the back of the harness, with a volume of 5.9 litres, it is large enough to accommodate modern reserve parachutes such as our MD SQ,  all SLT models, LT up to size 20 and regular MD up to size 18. The position of the reserve is as close as possible to the body’s CG (Center of Gravity) making the harness stay compact and cohesive with the movement of the pilot, both during take-off and in the air.

    The reserve container and bridle arrangement are separately and neatly secured with a zipper closing system which allows for very fast, low friction opening.

    What are the differences between the Kitto and the Swift Zero?

    First off, the Kitto is lighter and packs more compact.
    The harness webbing geometry is different, and designed to work as a hammock style / seat-board-less harness, where the support is gained from the airfoam protector under the seat.
    The Kitto still gives very good feedback from the wing, and still gives great weight-shift authority.
    Although the rear / back storage is slightly smaller than that of the Zero, it is still more than adequate, and there is an additional under seat storage area.

    It feels like it is pointing a bit too much down. Do you have any advice on adjusting it?

    There are several factors that could lead to the pod either feeling like, or actually, ‘pointing a bit too much down’.
    First, we need to be sure you are in the right size harness… If you are too large, or too small for the harness, it will be difficult to balance it correctly. 182cm and up we recommend the L/XL
    The feeling could also be deceiving, so, to establish if you are at the right angle or not, hang yourself in a simulator, in the harness, with everything packed in the harness in the way you would normally be flying, ballast, water, backpack, clean underwear, whatever you take, put it in where you would normally pack it in the harness. Also make sure to wear the clothing, helmet and importantly, the shoes you normally fly with. Now get a friend to take a side view photo for you. Check the angle of the bottom of the pod, relative to the ground, the bottom needs to be angled somewhere between parallel to
    the ground and angled slightly downwards as in the photo.

    Other factors can be: heavy / winter boots, especially if combined with not packing much in the back of the harness, which can make it a little nose heavy.
    Once all the above factors are eliminated as possible issues, it is time to adjust the pod in the simulator.
    If it is nose heavy (pointing down) as you describe, it is the pod that is too long.
    Try lengthening the shoulder straps, and slightly shortening the pod length, also make sure that the foot plate angle is not too steep – and keep in mind, different shoes have different angles.
    Once you are hanging at the desired angle relative to the ground / horizon and the pod length feels comfortable, adjust the foot plate angle to comfort.
    A well balanced harness will be more comfortable, more aerodynamic, and give the best feedback and response in the air.

    The Kitto is supplied as standard, complete with:

    • Polycomb Footrest
    • Three step integrated speed bar
    • Airfoam Protector with Lexan plate.

    Optional Accessories

    44703: Softlink Karabiner (Large)


    The Apco Softlink Karabiner is a lightweight, super-strong alternative for flying karabiners.
    M.B.L: 3000+ [kg] (Double Loop)
    M.B.L: 1500+ [kg] (Single Loop)
    Weight: ~ 5 [gr]
    Colors are for illustration only – no color choice available when ordering.

    Mayday Square


    Mayday Square – New generation design giving top performance in a compact super-light package. Designed for pilots who wish to keep their equipment extremely light without compromising on safety or performance. Weight reduction is achieved though the super stable design, resulting in a lower average sink rate which allowed a reduction in surface area, combined with using state of the art materials – canopy cloth used is PN9 (the latest, most sophisticated development in parachute cloth), as well as super light and compact dyneema lines, that are stronger than traditional nylon lines used on reserve chutes.

    Mayday Super Light (SLT)


    Mayday 16 SLT, Mayday 18 SLT, Mayday 20 SLT – designed for pilots who wish to keep their equipment extremely light. Weight reduction for SLT was achieved by using state of the art materials – canopy cloth used is PN9 (the last, most sophisticated development in parachute cloth), as well as additional weight saving advanced design solutions.



    Harnesses – Sizing Table

    HarnessSizeCodeHarness Weight [Kg]*Pilot Size (cm)Back Length (mm) - ASeat Length (mm) - BSeat Width (mm) - CDist. between Karabiners (mm)- DSupported Back (mm) - EHook-in Height (mm) - FPod Length - G
    First IIIMultisize with
    zipper expander
    481332.145 (incl.)140-190
    Hikeone size470301.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Chairbag Integral Vone size460303.240 (incl.)160-185700390380385 - 575450430
    RitmaS/M450503.900 (incl.)Up to 170680400390420 - 615360420
    RitmaL/XL451004.000 (incl.)170-185750435400420 - 615400415
    RitmaXXL451504.100 (incl.)180 and up750435400420 - 615400405
    Spark IIS/M431025.120 (incl.)Up to 170740370350375 - 575400390
    Spark IIL/XL432025220 (incl.)170-185775410390375 - 575420415
    Spark IIXXL433025320 (incl.)180 and up790470400375 - 575420440
    KittoS / M443102710 (incl.)up to 185
    KittoL / XL443202840 (incl.)**180 - 205
    Swift RaceM/L446105.950 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift RaceXL446206.150 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift SportM/L446305.310 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift SportL/XL446355.510 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift ZeroM/L446404910 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift ZeroL/XL446455.110 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    2 Lightone size426101.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Tandem Pilot Harnessone size424004.500 (incl.)Up to 195
    Tandem Passenger Harnessone size425003.300 (incl.)a wide range
    of passenger sizes
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    434001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440600/690
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    434101.590 (incl.)185 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540620/710
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    435001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440420/480
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    435101.590 (incl.)180 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540420/480/540
    Universal ParamotorMultisize with
    zipper extender
    410153.100 (incl.)Up to 190630/690430390240-640440/500460/680/750
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    High Hook-Up points
    Multisize with
    zipper extender
    280152.550 (incl.)Up to 190660/720400380360-610380/440590/680
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    4204252.495 (incl.)Up to 185660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    4204262.495 (incl.)180 and up660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    Trike Pilotone size491002.850 (incl.)160-190690330+9043050360420-580
    Trike Passengerone size492502.100 (incl.)160-190600340410510330350
    *Harness weight denotes the total weight of the harness including Standard parts supplied with the harness such as; Seat Plate, Airfoam Protector, vibration foam (PM harnesses), and if relevant, the optional Lexan Plate.
    It excludes other optional accessories such as Cockpits, Stirrups, reserve parachutes, zip-on side pickets/reserve containers etc.
    **Estimated Weight

    Product Codes

    The KITTO is supplied as standard complete with reserve handle, lightweight polycomb foot plate, 3 step integrated speed bar, airfoam protector and Lexan plate.

    • 44310 – KITTO Light Pod Harness – S / M
    • 44320 – KITTO Light Pod Harness – L / XL
    • 46201 – Reserve Handle (included)


    Options (Sold Separately):

    • 80044 – Flight Deck Lite (Recommended)
    • 42025 – Light Universal Reserve Bridles
    • A4909-3T – Karabiner for 25mm Webbing
    • 44703 –  Softlink Karabiner (Large)