Light Tandem Pilot Paragliding Harness

The 2Light is a lightweight tandem pilot harness. Designed from the ground up with professional tandem pilots in mind, it will equally serve leisure pilots and can even be used as a full feature solo harness!
No compromises were made on comfort, safety or durability and after hundreds of hours of pilot feedback, we are proud of the 2Light.

LIGHTWEIGHT – almost “too light” the harness starts at 1.55kg. (2.15kg. with airfoam and lexan plate) but as traditional for APCO, is extremely durable made from well proven and real life tested materials.


SPLIT LEGS –  the harness features a split leg design, allowing elimination of the seatboard and therefore a big weight saving.

The split legs are reinforced internally and externally to insure that they do not stretch, fold or in any way change their comfort throughout the life of the harness. Secured with Finsterwalder design hook buckles and Left/Right color coded for easy ground set-up.

The design is adjustable with 2 different adjustable webbings on both top and bottom of the legs and reaches an amazing level of comfort in the air and more importantly also on the ground.


SIDE POCKETS – the back pocket features 2 internal smaller pockets for keys and small items + dedicated water hose exit and is good for stowing paragliding bag and more.

But, the real treat of this harness are 2 zipped on side pockets, which are easily accessible in flight with one hand operation. Open the zipper for selfie stick support or use in flight for food, clothing and camera – they are just so useful, you will wonder how you ever coped without them!


RESERVE PARACHUTE – most importantly in case of need, it opens extremely easily with minimal force. The compartment is closed by 2 zippers design, sealing it against all elements – no more snow, sand or stones in your reserve compartment, even if you have to sit on it waiting for conditions. The last flap of the zippers is magnetic and allows easy open/close snap for preflight “handle secured” – check. A dedicated reserve bridle channel runs on each side and exits from the front of the shoulder pads towards the spreader bar.


PROTECTION – under the seat foam protector (EN certification pending) is made from open cell PU foam and backed up with an additional lexan plate to protect from penetration and further improve the efficiency of the airfoam in case of sharp hits. The airfoam “floats” under the seat allowing the legs to freely move without constraints and if needed can be removed to create additional storage space, saving approx. 600gr. The reserve parachute is positioned behind the lower back, to extend the airfoam in case of ground impact during bad take-offs (or when the reserve is still there).

PASSENGER – Recommended to be paired with HIKE harness. Optional airbag available on the HIKE for passenger protection.


SOLO USE – the 2Light is a tandem harness, but if needed is also a full feature, solo use harness.

Reserve parachute hang points on the shoulders are ready to use in case of solo flying.

Add two pulleys and you also have a fully functioning speed system option.



    • Lightweight Split-Leg Harness Geometry starting at 1.55kg.
    • Airfoam + Lexan plate protection
    • Optional side pockets for bundles of “in-flight” accessible storage
    • Integral Emergency parachute Container
    • Reserve Bridle Routing channels and holders
    • Additional reserve attachment points on shoulders (for solo flight configuration)
    • G-string reserve handle
    • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps
    • Adjustable Lumbar Support
    • New look high tech cloth
    • Speed bar ready


    SizeOne Size
    Pilot Height [cm]160 to 190
    Back Length mm A610
    Seat Length B430
    Seat Width C230 x 2
    Distance between Karabiners D295 - 490
    Supported Back Length mm E320
    Hook-in Height F420
    Harness weight (Empty) [Kg]1.300
    Airfoam Protector [Kg]0.537
    Lexan Plate [Kg]0.084
    Total Weight [Kg]1.954

     Black with Lime trimBlack with Blue trim
    Dimension Sketch

    Can I Use the 2 Light for Solo Flights?

    The 2 Light is also very suitable for solo flying.
    The reserve Bridles should be connected to the shoulder attachment points.
    The harness is ready to accommodate a speed bar, and should be fitted with the optional Ball Bearing pulleys

    What is the volume of the back storage container?

    The storage is big enough to fit an average tandem glider backpack, and a drinking bladder.

    If additional storage is needed we recommend adding the optional side pockets

    Airbag Protection?

    The APCO Airbag is recommended for use on the Passenger harness only as it requires a clear frontal area for proper inflation.

    When using the Airbag on the 2Light in tandem use, it may not inflate properly due to opbstruciton of airflow by the passenger harness.

    We recommend the use of HIKE harness as passenger harness together with HIKE Cygnus Airbag

    Optional Accessories



    AIRBAG for HIKE harness ::Code 47035:: it is a separate unit and can be attached to every HIKE harness.

    Mayday Paraglider


    Apco Aviation started manufacturing the Mayday in 1984, and since then put over 40,000 pieces into service in the Paragliding and Hang Gliding markets. The Mayday has hundreds of life saving deployments to its name, from beginners to world champions ( Read letters from saved pilots).

    Harnesses – Sizing Table

    HarnessSizeCodeHarness Weight [Kg]*Pilot Size (cm)Back Length (mm) - ASeat Length (mm) - BSeat Width (mm) - CDist. between Karabiners (mm)- DSupported Back (mm) - EHook-in Height (mm) - FPod Length - G
    First IIIMultisize with
    zipper expander
    481332.145 (incl.)140-190
    Hikeone size470301.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Chairbag Integral Vone size460303.240 (incl.)160-185700390380385 - 575450430
    RitmaS/M450503.900 (incl.)Up to 170680400390420 - 615360420
    RitmaL/XL451004.000 (incl.)170-185750435400420 - 615400415
    RitmaXXL451504.100 (incl.)180 and up750435400420 - 615400405
    Spark IIS/M431025.120 (incl.)Up to 170740370350375 - 575400390
    Spark IIL/XL432025220 (incl.)170-185775410390375 - 575420415
    Spark IIXXL433025320 (incl.)180 and up790470400375 - 575420440
    KittoS / M443102710 (incl.)up to 185
    KittoL / XL443202840 (incl.)**180 - 205
    Swift RaceM/L446105.950 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift RaceXL446206.150 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift SportM/L446305.310 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift SportL/XL446355.510 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift ZeroM/L446404910 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift ZeroL/XL446455.110 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    2 Lightone size426101.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Tandem Pilot Harnessone size424004.500 (incl.)Up to 195
    Tandem Passenger Harnessone size425003.300 (incl.)a wide range
    of passenger sizes
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    434001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440600/690
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    434101.590 (incl.)185 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540620/710
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    435001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440420/480
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    435101.590 (incl.)180 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540420/480/540
    Universal ParamotorMultisize with
    zipper extender
    410153.100 (incl.)Up to 190630/690430390240-640440/500460/680/750
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    High Hook-Up points
    Multisize with
    zipper extender
    280152.550 (incl.)Up to 190660/720400380360-610380/440590/680
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    4204252.495 (incl.)Up to 185660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    4204262.495 (incl.)180 and up660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    Trike Pilotone size491002.850 (incl.)160-190690330+9043050360420-580
    Trike Passengerone size492502.100 (incl.)160-190600340410510330350
    *Harness weight denotes the total weight of the harness including Standard parts supplied with the harness such as; Seat Plate, Airfoam Protector, vibration foam (PM harnesses), and if relevant, the optional Lexan Plate.
    It excludes other optional accessories such as Cockpits, Stirrups, reserve parachutes, zip-on side pickets/reserve containers etc.
    **Estimated Weight
    • 42610 – 2-LIGHT Harness with Back Protector
    • A4909-3T – Mini karabiner for 25 mm webbing – triple safety lock
    • 43107B – Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulleys (optional)
    • 80038 – Zip on Side Pockets