HIKE Mountain Harness

Paragliding Harness

The HIKE harness is our ultra-light, reversible harness/backpack. Designed for maximum comfort while either flying or hiking. Split legs carefully crafted, and ergonomic back support will insure relaxed flying and hiking.

Great for long mountain treks and challenging XC flights. Ideal for speed flying and ridge soaring. Generous size glider bag and well padded back support.
Only 1.3 kg. making it one of the lightest harnesses in this category.


The Hike Harness is EN certified (EN1651:1999, EN12491:2015) when used in conjunction with the specific optional airbag from Apco (Product Code: 47035).




      • Attachable airbag for extra protection (See more in Protection Tab)
      • Split legs
      • Emergency parachute shoulder attachment points
      • Compression straps for volume adjustment
      • Loop and slide buckle on chest – one click strap in
      • Mesh side pocket
      • Ergonomic breathable back support
      • Generous volume to contain most solo wings [approx. 60 liter]
      • Attachment points for poles / mountain equipment
      • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps
      • Two-position lateral strap to adjust seat position
      • Weight – 1.3 kg.
      • New look high tech cloth
      • Speed bar ready

      Weight [Kg]SizePilot Height [cm]Certification
      1.300one size160 to 190EN (when used in conjunction with optional Airbag)
      120kg Max Pilot Weight

      The HIKE has emergency parachute shoulder attachment points, and a variety of external reserve containers can be mounted on the harness. In addition, a optional Airbag can be fitted below the seat.

      Pilot Protection

      AirBagThe airbag is a separate unit to be ordered separately and can be attached to every HIKE harness.
      It is a simple, light and inexpensive masterpiece – will be appreciated by every pilot/hiker.

      • Quick and simple attachment (see photo – red arrows indicate attachment points).
      • Only 220 gr.
      • No rigid elements – nothing to break
      • From extremely high density, light, durable Oxford nylon
      • Effective high volume airbag protection
      • Shaped for minimum drag and maximum airbag efficiency
      • Attractively priced – best value for money

      How to fit the rescue on the Hike?

      In order to connect parachute to the Hike you need an external container – either side or front container (For this harness usually take 81155SLT ).

      In addition you need the 42025: Light Universal harness Bridle

      The Reserve should be connected to the intended shoulder attachment points. The harness has Velcro Leads for routing the bridle up to the shoulder attachments.

      The container should be placed wherever it is convenient for you on the front or on the side.

      What is the bag volume?

      The hike Bag is approximately 55 [Ltr].
      Enough to fit a regular paraglider and an open face helmet

      Optional Accessories

      43121F: Square rapide maillon #5


      The quicklink 43121F is not suitable for emergency parachute harness connection!

      Intended for use on light harnesses – connecting the wing to the harness only.
      Reserve parachute should be connected to designated shoulder connection points.


      AIRBAG for HIKE harness ::Code 47035:: it is a separate unit and can be attached to every HIKE harness.

      Mayday Super Light (SLT)


      Mayday 16 SLT, Mayday 18 SLT, Mayday 20 SLT – designed for pilots who wish to keep their equipment extremely light. Weight reduction for SLT was achieved by using state of the art materials – canopy cloth used is PN9 (the last, most sophisticated development in parachute cloth), as well as additional weight saving advanced design solutions.



      Harnesses – Sizing Table

      HarnessSizeHarness Weight (kg)CodePilot Size (cm)
      First IIIMultisize with
      zipper expander
      Hikeone size1.30047030160 to 190
      Chairbag Integral Vone size2.95046030160-185
      RitmaS/M3.20045050Up to 170
      RitmaXXL3.20045150180 and up
      Edge IIS/M3.50042102Up to 170
      Edge IIL/XL3.55042202170-185
      Edge IIXXL3.60042302180 and up
      Spark IIS/M4.55043102Up to 170
      Spark IIL/XL4.60043202170-185
      Spark IIXXL4.70043302180 and up
      SwiftM/L6.444610Up to 190
      SwiftXL190 and up
      Tandem Pilot Harnessone size3.50042400Up to 195
      Tandem Passenger Harnessone size2.70042500a wide range
      of passenger sizes
      Split Legs Paramotor
      HIGH Hook-In points
      S/M with
      zipper extender
      1.50043400Up to 185
      Split Legs Paramotor
      HIGH Hook-In points
      L/XL with
      zipper extender
      1.50043410185 and up
      Split Legs Paramotor
      LOW Hook-In points
      S/M with
      zipper extender
      1.50043500Up to 185
      Split Legs Paramotor
      LOW Hook-In points
      L/XL with
      zipper extender
      1.50043510180 and up
      Universal ParamotorMultisize with
      zipper extender
      2.70041015Up to 190
      SLT Paramotor Harness
      High Hook-Up points
      Multisize with
      zipper extender
      2.00028015Up to 190
      SLT Paramotor Harness
      Low Hook-Up points
      Multisize with
      zipper extender
      1.980420415Up to 190
      Trike Pilotone size2.85049100160-190
      Trike Passengerone size2.10049250160-190
      • 47030 – HIKE
      • 47035 – AIRBAG
      • 43107B – Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulleys (optional)
      • 43121F – 2 Karabiners: Square rapide maillon #5 (optional)*

      *The 43121F is not recomended for emergency parachute harness connection