Modular Helmet System – by AirXtreme


The AirXtreme JetCom Helmet is a dedicated flying helmet, Certified EN966 for “Airborne Sports”.
Designed for both Paramotoring and Free Flying, It is a light weight helmet, produced using “In-mold” technology which is derived from high-end cycling helmets and ski helmets.
In-Mold technology, yields the best strength to weight ratio, positioning the Jetcom as the lightest fully Paramotor compatible helmet on the market to date.

Packed with features, the Jetcom will satisfy any pilot in any weather climate or location.
Multiple vents with Open/Close setting at a push of a button for in flight adjustment.
Magnetic “Fidlock” chin closing buckle for the easiest and fastest possible closing/opening operation even with heavy gloves

The Modular / Interchangeable design means you can configure and reconfigure your helmet according to the season, and type of flight you are planning.
The default version ships with Paramotor Ear Arcs and helmet bag, choose additional accessories to suit your needs.

Paramotor (default configuration)

  • Side-Arc Straps with FidLock® Magnetic buckle*
  • PHD1 communication System**
  • Half face, short Visor – UV400 protection**
  • Full face, long Visor**
  • Helmet Bag*
  • Helmet case**

Free Flight

  • Ear Pads with FidLock® Magnetic closure** – Free Flight configuration

Same features and options as the Paramotor default helmet. Optional replacement side straps with the same amazing magnetic closing buckle for pilots who do not need paramotor communication system.
The side straps are supplied with ear pads (similar to ski helmets). Replacement of the arched side straps is easy and should be done by your dealer.

*Included with Helmet
**Optional extras

Product Details

  • 4  color options – White, Grey, Orange and Green
  • 2 sizes + adjustable head retention system for best possible fit
  • Multiple in flight adjustment vent holes
  • Magnetic “Fidlock®” chin closing buckle
  • removable washable inner padding
  • Helmet bag – included
  • Light weight – starting at under 400 [Gr]
  • EN-966 Airborne Certification
  • Product Codes

Video Manual

Color Options





Internal Circumference [cm]up to 5858 and UP


ItemWeight [gr]Notes
Helmet (S/M)(L/XL)383 / 454Excluding items listed below
Ear Arcs with chin Strap41Including Pins
Free Flight Chin Strap35Including Pins
Earmuffs paddings (pair)28
Full Visor133Including fittings
Half Face Visor113Including fittings
Complete weight example:424S/M Helmet + Ear Arcs chin strap
Headset (PHD1)332Including fittings
Headset Cable63weight of cable for Icom
Others may vary slightly up or down

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I free-fly without the ear pads?

Yes, it is possible to remove the pads from the free flight chin strap and fly without, or to fly with the paramotor ear arcs with no ear covers

What is the extra piece of padding (foam) for that is shipped with the helmet?

This is an insert that can be used to adjust the hight of the helmet on the pilots head. This can be useful for some pilots to fine tune the height of the ear cups over the ears

See multiple user comments on Facebook "Paramotor" group

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Options and Accessories

The JetCom Helmet is supplied with paramotor side arcs. The following accessories are optional.

6013677 : Ear Muffs (silencer only)


Paramotor ear protection.
Compatible with both the JetCom, FreeAir and other helmets. The empty ear cups designed to insure best passive noise reduction possible.
It is the same ear cups we use for our PH1 Headset.
Use it to protect your ears, or to instal your favourite 3rd party comms system.


60236A: Helmet case


Heat formed EVA case designed by pilots for pilots!

The helmet case is a well thought out item which will help protect and prolong your personal flying gear, as well as concentrating all items together so as not to forgot any item behind.

JETCOM ParamotorS/MWhite60160 5658 WT
JETCOM ParamotorS/MOrange60160 5658 OR
JETCOM ParamotorS/MGrey60160 5658 GR
JETCOM ParamotorS/MGreen60160 5658 GN
JETCOM ParamotorL/XLWhite60160 5860 WT
JETCOM ParamotorL/XLOrange60160 5860 OR
JETCOM ParamotorL/XLGrey60160 5860 GR
JETCOM ParamotorL/XLGreen60160 5860 GN
Half Face Visor-Tinted60240T
Full Face Visor-Clear60240C
Ear Pads (Free Flight)--60240EAR