Universal Paramotor Harness

Paramotor Harness

We at APCO long ago recognised the need for a specialised paramotor harness which could be used by paramotor enthusiasts worldwide and be compatible with a wide number of different paramotor frames.

Finally, we are launching a new product – Universal Paramotor Harness – which is a great improvement over our former paramotor harness.

Above all we took care so the harness has all necessary provision to be adapted to virtually any paramotor frame on the market – both for low and high hook in points.
Then we made sure that the harness was even more comfortable with longer and generously padded shoulder straps. Side pockets were added and the harness was made to be universal – one size fits all with zipper expander (zipper closed S/M size, zipper open L/XL size).


    • Will fit most frames – high and low hook up points
    • Quick-lock buckle system
    • Adjustable seat angle – adjustable during flight
    • Shoulder adjustment
    • Emergency parachute connection / frame connection loops
    • Alternative frame connection loops
    • Frame connection straps
    • Two high connection hook in points (fixed)
    • Velcro loops for guiding bridle of emergency parachute
    • Long extended extra padded shoulders
    • Low hook in points with security backup
    • Size extender zipper
    • Weight: 2.7 Kg
    • Customizing Universal Paramotor Harness design
    Total2.7 Kg

    The Universal Paramotor Harness is available in one standard color – All Black – body and webbing.
    It is prepared to accept a customized padded and/or airmeshed backplate.
    Additional Velcro strip sewn into the back of the harness designed to accept various backplates. Different optional standard design backplates available. They couple with the harness by simple strip of Velcro. The backplate can be easily peeled off or stuck on again. If dirty, can wash separately. If you are tired of it, can be replaced, or switched to match your wing. The backplate is not only attractive, but also cushions your back for extra comfort. You will definitely notice the difference in comfort.

    Custom back-plates available for bulk orders – contact us for more information

    APCO sells various sizes of it’s world famous MayDay parachute, compatible with the specifically designed Emergency parachute compartment which can be Zipped on and off either side of the harness and is interchangeable with a zipped on Pocket.
    Optional Airbag will provide additional protection in case of impact with the ground.
    More information is available in the Options Tab

    Pilot Protection

    The optional airbag provides additional protection in case of impact with the ground.
    More information is available in the accessories section

    Reserve System

    Reserve System

    The Optional zip-on side mounted reserve container system for this harness integrates seamlessly into your setup, and provides peace of mind knowing you are flying with a rescue system.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Optional Accessories

    Harnesses – Sizing Table

    HarnessSizeHarness Weight (kg)CodePilot Size (cm)Back Length (mm) - ASupported Back (mm) - ESeat Length (mm) - BSeat Width (mm) - CHook-in Height (mm) - FDist. between Karabiners (mm)- D
    First IIIMultisize with
    zipper expander
    Hikeone size1.30047030160 to 190610320430230 x 2420295 - 490
    Chairbag Integral Vone size2.95046030160-185700450390380430385 - 575
    RitmaS/M3.20045050Up to 170680360400390420420 - 615
    RitmaL/XL3.20045100170-185750400435400415420 - 615
    RitmaXXL3.20045150180 and up750400435400405420 - 615
    Edge IIS/M3.50042102Up to 170
    Edge IIL/XL3.55042202170-185
    Edge IIXXL3.60042302180 and up
    Spark IIS/M4.55043102Up to 170740400370350390375 - 575
    Spark IIL/XL4.60043202170-185775420410390415375 - 575
    Spark IIXXL4.70043302180 and up790420470400440375 - 575
    SwiftM/L6.444610Up to 190
    SwiftXL190 and up
    Tandem Pilot Harnessone size3.50042400Up to 195
    Tandem Passenger Harnessone size2.70042500a wide range
    of passenger sizes
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    1.50043400Up to 185
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    1.50043410185 and up
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    1.50043500Up to 185
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    1.50043510180 and up
    Universal ParamotorMultisize with
    zipper extender
    2.70041015Up to 190
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    High Hook-Up points
    Multisize with
    zipper extender
    2.00028015Up to 190
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    Multisize with
    zipper extender
    1.980420415Up to 190
    Trike Pilotone size2.85049100160-190
    Trike Passengerone size2.10049250160-190
    • The paramotor harness is available in “one size fits all” – with zipper expander (zipper closed S/M size, zipper open L/XL size)
    • 410151 – Backplate #1 Orange
    • 410152 – Backplate #2 Black
    • 410153 – Backplate #3 Red
    • 410154 – Backplate #4 Orange
    • 410156 – Backplate #6 Orange