Team Pilots


GLOEI (Gert Louis Cilliers)
South Africa
Flying since 2005
Accomplished Paramotor and Paragliding acro pilot, Wingsuit BASE jumper, skydive wingsuit instructor, Skydiver and Red Bull Airsports director for Africa.
Joined the Apco Team in 2020.

Pablo Andreu OCAÑA
Renowned Spanish pilot and a high-level, acro competitor since 2012. He also works as a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot since 2014.
Pablo loves perfecting all kinds of tricks in the air, and is a very charismatic guy. Besides flying, he enjoys entertaining others by playing guitar and drums.

Manuel Tejeiro López
The young paragliding pilot, Manuel Tejeiro López, pioneer in amazing paramotor acrobatics, is world renowned as one of the best pilots in this sport, notably by his ability and risky air maneuvers. Born in Málaga, Spain. He worked throughout his life as car mechanic in a family business, he worked many hours in the garage, sometimes until late into the night, he was just doing all the necessary to reach his dreams as professional pilot and direct one of the largest paramotor companies of the world.

Nestor Venosa
Canary Islands (Spain)
Pilot since 1995, high level in all the modalities, Test pilot, Instructor since 2003 and Tandem pilot from 2008
Official Pilot – Apco World Tour since 2020

Remo Gucciardi
since 1990
Cross country and Tandem pilot
From the beginning of his career he showed abilities for cross country flight and a big passion for the sport.
Remo lives in Trento and when he is not flying, works in Rome

Mauricio Guachalla Patiño
Flying since 2014
Acrobatic pilot of Bolivian / Spanish nationality
Paragliding instructor and tandem pilot in the north of Spain (Basque Country)

Gabriel Gallego
Passionate about air sports since he was little, born and raised in Argentina. Gabriel obtained his airplane pilot license at the age of 18. A few years later, in 2007, he took a first step towards paragliding in the unique landscapes of Patagonia and then the rest of the country. He currently lives in the country of the Pyrenees, Andorra and as a first day passionate and practicing this sport.

Natalia Moreno

Florian (Flo) Rauls

Passionate paramotor pilot since 2013, tandem pilot since 2019.
Loves to fly XC all over europe, mainly in Germany, France and Italy.
Enjoys carving through the air after long XC flights while pulling some hefty
G’s just before sundown.

Luigi Falco

Luigi is an Italian paraglide and paramotor pilot that has decided to dedicate his life to his passion, fly to live and live to fly!
His words: “In the exact moment in which I detach my feet from the ground, everything disappears, there is only me body and soul, complete and at peace… in a world happy.”