Team Pilots


GLOEI (Gert Louis Cilliers)
South Africa
Flying since 2005
Accomplished Paramotor and Paragliding acro pilot, Wingsuit BASE jumper, skydive wingsuit instructor, Skydiver and Red Bull Airsports director for Africa.
Joined the Apco Team in 2020.
Wing: Apco F1 18

Mauricio Guachalla Patiño
Flying since 2014
Acrobatic pilot of Bolivian / Spanish nationality
Paragliding instructor and tandem pilot in the north of Spain (Basque Country)

Natalia Moreno

Paramotor pilot since 2017 and skydiver since 2014. Hundreds of hours flown on an array of APCO wings (Lift, Force 2, NRG XC 2, and currently F1 18)
I love to fly cross country and fly along beautiful brasilian beaches.
I hope more girls will join me in this wonderful sport.
Wing: Apco F1 18

Nestor Venosa
Canary Islands (Spain)
Pilot since 1995, high level in all the modalities, Test pilot, Instructor since 2003 and Tandem pilot from 2008
Official Pilot – Apco World Tour since 2020

Pablo Andreu OCAÑA
Renowned Spanish pilot and a high-level, acro competitor since 2012. He also works as a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot since 2014.
Pablo loves perfecting all kinds of tricks in the air, and is a very charismatic guy. Besides flying, he enjoys entertaining others by playing guitar and drums.

Séverine Deutsch

Country : France
I’m flying since my early days. My father, a paramotorist, introduced me to it when I was a little girl!
After I started learning paragliding, I finally acquired my paramotor licence in 2018.
Quickly I developed a taste for classic competition and integrated in 2022 the french training group.
I’m currently flying with a APCO Force 2 with my girly ICE colour. »

Marlon Jonat

Marlon is a passionate paragliding pilot. He loves the adventure and the freedom to glide through the air with the wind and the thermals, regardless of whether it is cross-country, acro or powered paragliding. His videos inspire the audience and with his sympathetic nature, he gives them the feeling as if they were part of the adventure.
Wing: Apco F1

Florian (Flo) Rauls

Passionate paramotor pilot since 2013, tandem pilot since 2019.
Loves to fly XC all over europe, mainly in Germany, France and Italy.
Enjoys carving through the air after long XC flights while pulling some hefty
G’s just before sundown.
Wing: Apco F1

Felix Huber

Felix always been an enthusiastic aviation fan.
Since 2019 with paraglider in the air and shortly after also with helicopter on the back 🙂.
He flies mainly thermal cross country and XC. Currently also training basic Acro and always hunting for the extreme.
“Can’t wait to meet you in the Air!”
Wing: Apco F1

Izan Fernandez

The youngest pilot of the Team
Pilot since I was 13 years old.
With desire to fly high and far with my family and my friends.
And above all I want to learn and enjoy.

Nicolàs Cordero

Castejòn de Sos / Spain
Forged at fire of  Castejon De Sos thermals in the heart of the Pyrinees
My life it’s around the mountains. My passion is now my job with many Tandems flights and teaching hundreds of beginners.

Ugo Damati
In  his 30th year of paragliding, and still has fun like a fool 🙂
When possible, it’s always flying… otherwise kite, telemark, or slack-line. Lives in Ancona where his home site is; the “Conero” that he loves so much.
He is always available for all flying friends for technical info and more.

Jose Manuel Barrera

Jose Manuel Barrera

Country : Spain / Bornos
Paraglider, Paramotor and Trikes Pilot since 1997
Paragliding Instructor
Tandem Pilot in all 3 specialties.
Jose Manuel was born to Fly!

Starring on the F3 Tandem Product video he was the first to test this wing and instantly fell in love.