Jonathan Cohn

CEO, Engineer, Concepteur

Anatoly Cohn

Founder of Apco Aviation Ltd.

Elana Applebaum Cohn


Adam Wechsler

Product Development, Designer and Test Pilot

Walter Neser

Product Development, Design & Test Pilot

Pedro Venosa

Business Development

Apco Factory Team 2018

Part of the Apco Team at the Caesarea Facility

Apco Aviation, though based in Israel, has an international team, representing many countries and backgrounds, in one harmonious family.
The building in Caesarea was purpose built by Apco in 1996, and full production was moved to the facility in 1997. The building supplies its own renewable energy via solar panels on the roof, making it one of the only (if not the only) carbon neutral paragliding manufacturing facilities in the world.