Paragliding Harness

The Goal is APCO’s was designed to take you from your first steps to the skies.


    Why Goal?

    Our Goal on this project was to bring to you a harness which is simple and yet comfortable, aiming for schools, beginners and also leisure pilots who wants simplicity, lightness, without compromising safety and durability, in order to reach that we managed to include all the essential to have a safe and comfortable harness, with foam back protector, ABS-System, seat plate, with only two buckles to attach, and two fixed positions for the harness inclination.

    Body Geometry

    The Goal was designed to bring you easiness and comfort through your learning process, we added the ABS System to bring the best stability without compromising handling, and get-up system to make the transition from standing up to sitting position to make your take-off and landings safe and easy.


    The Goal has a large rear compartment to fit everything you need with a CamelBak mesh compartment to keep you hydrated during your long flights, a side pocket on the left side which is accessible during flight, with a small loop to secure a phone and a velcro mount on the shoulder strap to put your electronic flying instrument.


    At only 2.7kg in the S/M size, including the protector with Lexan sheet, the Goal is light, but in line with APCO’s tradition, it does not compromise whatsoever on durability, safety or comfort.

    Pilot Suitability

    The Goal is an open harness, with seat-board intended of solo free flight use. It is an all-round harness, that can be used from your first solo flights, Hike and Fly, first XC, and travel, but is great for general flying, and no compromise comfort, safety or durability was made.

    Pilot Sizeup to 185cm180cm and Up
    Weight (empty)4.75 kg. (including 3 step accelerator)4.95* kg. (including 3 step accelerator)
    Standard seatplate0.4 kg.0.4 kg.
    Standard foot plate0.3 kg.0.3 kg.
    Airfoam Protector0.7 kg.0.7 kg.
    Total Weight6.156.35*
    Lexan Plate0.25 kg. (optional)0.25 kg. (optional)
    up to 120 kg
    up to 120 kg
    * Estimated

    One color only: Black with Gray

    Fully EN certified to 120 [kg]. The crash protection includes a full 17 [cm] Airfoam protector in combination with a lexan sheet offering the best possible protection against any type of impact.

    Pilot Protection

    The Goal features a full 17 [cm] Airfoam protector combining a lexan sheet which aids in spreading the load over the absorbing area of the airfoam, offering the maximum protection available.

    The airfoam with its energy absorbing capabilities will protect from any large impact. The Lexan sheet plate will spread any sharp impact (Rock edges) over the area of the airfoam and will prevent penetration of object (tree branches) through the harness in case of an accident.

    Dual Reserve System

    The Goal has a simple reserve compartment, under the seat main emergency compartment incorporates a zipper closing bridle channel and magnetic flap cover of the compartment itself for easy preflight check of the reserve handle.

    The parachute compartment is ideally suited to take the range of APCO Mayday parachutes, Including the Superlight Guided Mayday, which have proven themselves time and time again, saving hundreds of pilots over the years.

    Why is the air-foam not all the way under the seat?

    Protection wise: we believe this is one of the most comprehensive harnesses in the category, as most harnesses do not have the lexan plate. (protects against sharp objects and spreads concentrated impacts..)
    Under the seat there must be space for water ballast (C.G) and the reserve so there is a technical restriction. I believe it is similar with all harnesses in this category.
    Customers should also understand that nothing is allowed to press against the reserve compartment  – as this can cause deployment problems..

    The Goal harness is supplied as standard, complete with:

    • Polycomb Seatplate
    • Airfoam Protector and Lexan plate.

    Optional Accessories

    Guided Mayday SLT


    G-MD SLT is the new born superlight brother of our well known and respected G-MD and weights less than 2kg.

    Mayday Super Light (SLT)


    Mayday 16 SLT, Mayday 18 SLT, Mayday 20 SLT – designed for pilots who wish to keep their equipment extremely light. Weight reduction for SLT was achieved by using state of the art materials – canopy cloth used is PN9 (the last, most sophisticated development in parachute cloth), as well as additional weight saving advanced design solutions.

    Harnesses – Sizing Table

    Pilot Sizeup to 185cm*
    Weight (empty)2.2kg*
    Standard seatplate*
    Airfoam Protector*
    Total Weight2.7kg (with back protector)*
    Lexan Plate*
    up to 120 kg
    * Estimated

    Product Codes

    The GOAL is supplied with:

    • 45510 – Goal HARNESS S/M

    Additionally recommended:

    • 42024 – Universal Bridle