Mayday Square

One Day, Maybe, Mayday…

APCO Time-Proven Rescue Systems (since 1984)

Never fly without one!


Saved Pilots

Apco Aviation started manufacturing the Mayday reserve parachute in 1984, and since then put over 30 000 pieces into service in the Paragliding and Hang Gliding markets. The Mayday has hundreds of life saving deployments to its name, from beginners to world champions ( Read letters from saved pilots).

The Mayday Square follows in the proud tradition of the Mayday Range, and is built to the same exacting standards that has made the Mayday range the benchmark of all reserve parachute systems.

The advantage of the square design is that it gives a more stable descent (less pendulum effect), and therefore has a lower sink rate!
The Mayday Square is compact in size and weight, making it both the lightest Mayday in our range, and our highest rated gr/kg rating at 9.16 grams for each Kg of load @120kgs.
This makes it a very attractive package for pilots concerned about the weight of their kit.
The Mayday Square is certified to EN standard at 100 [kg] with sink rate of ~5.4 [m/s].
In addition, the Mayday Square has been load tested to 120 [kg] with sink rate of ~5.6 [m/s], perfect in cases where higher load is required (Paramotor pilots) at the expense of a slight increase in sink rate.
It is currently available in one size, with a short dyneema bridle, for paragliding or Paramotoring.
  • Stable descent
  • Light weight
  • Low pack volume
  • Fast Opening
  • Low Sink Rate
Model - MD225
Surface Area [m2]25
Projected Surface Area [m2]14.8
Weight [kg]1,010
Packed Size (mm)200(L) x 190(W) x 80(H)
Packed Volume [cc]3000
Sink Rate [m/s]
(at 100 Kg)
Sink Rate [m/s]
(at 120 Kg)
EN Load/Drop test120
EN/LTF Certification100
Grams per kg Load10.89
CertificationEN - 100kg
Load Tested to 120Kg

The Mayday Square boasts superior light-weight construction and materials. The canopy cloth is PN9 ripstop nylon. The skirt and canopy is reinforced with mil spec nylon tape, neatly wrapped and stitched with a precision double needle machine. The dyneema line attachments are sewn using automated pattern stitches into the canopy, reducing potential weak points while ensuring consistently high quality and strength.

The Bridle is made from 1700kg Dyneema Webbing. The attachment loop is covered with a Teflon sheath, to protect it from dangerous friction which may occur during deployment.

MSM – stands for Military Spec Monkey and confirms that our reserves are made from fabrics, designed and manufactured in accordance to the strictest Military Specifications. This adds another level of quality assurance.


Each MayDay reserve parachute is supplied in a kitbag. Which is a useful to keep other equipment in once your mayday is installed in your harness.

Options & Accessories


Light weight, simple and elegant container for paramotor or free flight use.
Includes an optional flight deck with space for two instruments.
The Universal container has multiple attachment points to accommodate mounting on most paramotor frames/harnesses.
Available in 2 sizes to cover all sizes of APCO reserve parachutes

Q: What is the opening time and minimum height for deployment?

A: APCO does not usually advertise this information as it depends on many variables that change in real life situations, and can therefore be very misleading.
According to the certification tests, the opening time is 2.75 seconds. This is measured during a controlled deployment test.
Minimum height – this is not a parameter measured during certification, but according to the opening time (2.75 seconds) – if you calculate falling speed of 16 – 32 m/s (32 m/s is the speed at which the certification test is done), then the min height required for deployment would be 44-88m, however, we advise that if you are in trouble, no matter how low, there is no harm in throwing, we  have witnessed saves at very low altitudes!

Product Codes

Mayday Squared – Lightweight Square Reserve Parachute

  • 85101A: MD-SQ, folded in deployment bag 44120SLT
MaydayArea [m2]GoresWeight* [kg]Volume
Packed Size [cm]
Length x Width x Height
Sink Rate [m/s]
(@ max Load)
Max Load [kg]gr / kg (Load)***Certification
Mayday Square25161.010300020.0x19.0x7.05.4 @100 Kg
5.72 @120 Kg
1209.16EN/LTF Certification - 100kg
EN Load/Drop test - 120 kg
Super Light Round
23161.220310024.5x18.5x11.56.1510012.20EN Load/Drop Test by Air Turquoise
MD 16 LT
Light Round
23161.490355027.0x21.0x10.06.1510014.90EN Load/Drop Test by Air Turquoise
MD 16
Regular Round
Super Light Round
30.4181.597395028.5x22.5x12.05.1**11513.89EN Certification EP021.2009
MD 18 LT
Light Round
RG 061.2012
MD 18
Regular Round
Super Light Round
37.5202.083475031.0x22.0x12.54.48**13014.80EN Certification
MD 20 LT
Light Round
37.5202.300500032.0x23.0x12.54.48**14016.43EN Certification
MD 20
Regular Round
Superlight Rogallo
36161.950500030.5x22.0x13.54 m/s@(90kg)
60-13015.00EN Certification
Steerable Rogallo
39162.900595033.0x24.0x15.52.8 m/s@(90kg)
60-13022.31EN Certification
Round Tandem Reserve
High Capacity Round Reserve for Trikes
64284.0001260037.0x23.0x20.06.334011.76EN Load test
Packed Size vs. Volume:
The volume is measured by water displacement, and represents the smallest recommended packed volume, or the volume of the smallest recommended container to be used for the reserve. The specified volume is therefore far lower than the calculated volume that would be derived from the specified measurements.
The Packed Size measurement represents the measurements of the factory packed, but not compressed reserve, ie. the max dimension for each axis, and in its specified deployment bag, as shipped from apco.
* Weight Excludes weight of optional long bridle for Hang-glider version:
Add 190gr for Hanggliding (HG) Extension Bridle (Code: 43006), or
Add 550gr for MD Bi HG Bridle (Code: 43002L)
** Sink Rate as measured by Air Turquoise test laboratory
Stability rating by Air Turquoise (1 bad - 5 excellent)
*** Gram per [Kg] Load
This is a unit that makes it easy to compare Reserves.
The unit is calculated by dividing the weight of the reserve, by its max load rating. The lower the number, the lighter the reserve is for its carrying capacity.

42485: MayDay Presentation Bag

Each MayDay reserve parachute will be supplied in the new “Presentation gift bag” external package. This is a small aesthetic upgrade, a nice addition and gift for the pilot.
Use this bag for your instruments, shoes, as a shower bag, as a lunch box, or whatever you like and be reassured your life is in good hands.
Mayday Prices remain unchanged 😉



    • Looks great
    • Extremely useful
    • Made from light materials
    • Detachable carry-strap, can also be used to buckle up folded wing.
    • Designated, clear-cover slot for owner’s details card.
    • Owner’s details card included. Just fill up and slide in.