Free Air Com III is a unique helmet, manufactured using advanced carbon Kevlar technology, with hand laid composite shell. Aiming to optimise the design of helmet for airborne sports, specially targeting paramotor pilots.

Free Air Com III is an evolution of our very popular Free Air Com and Free Air II helmets, based on them and using the same certification (EN 966), but with redesigned shape and new features.

Free Air Com III can be coupled with different visors supplied by APCO and prepared for a number of visor assembly options. It is also prepared to accept most communication systems. Assembling the headset is a simple straightforward procedure.


      Color Options

      FREE AIR COM III - Velvet Red
      Velvet Red
      FREE AIR COM III - Velvet Grey
      Velvet Grey
      FREE AIR COM III - Velvet Blue
      Velvet Blue
      FREE AIR COM III - white
      Glossy White


      Internal Circumference [cm]55-56.556.5-5858-60.560.5-62


      • Three options for visors
      • Four color choices
      • For sizes from Small to X-Large
      • Slim profile – low drag, sleek look
      • Hand laid composite shell structure
      • Vents for airflow control – efficient cooling in the helmet
      • Visor compatible
      • Washable, replaceable internal lining
      • Composite shell with EPS inner shell and full lining cover
      • Weight 600 gr.
      • Ready to accept communication headset
      • Specially designed for Paramotor use
      • Velvet colors (except White)
      • High quality finish
      • Robust construction – Built to last

      Free Air Com III (Code: 60150 – helmet only)


      FREE AIR COM III - front
      FREE AIR COM III - Blue side
      FREE AIR COM III - Velvet Red -back
      FREE AIR COM III - top

      Product Codes

      • 60150 – Free Air Com III
      • 60236TS – Visor for Free Air Com III Tinted Short + assembly accessories
      • 60236M – Visor for Free Air Com III Clear Full face + same assembly accessories as for 60236TS
      • 60236C – Visor for Free Air Com III Clear Full face + traditional assembly accessories

      NOTE – Helmet is supplied as default with visor 60236M assembled

      Ear muffs and headsets

      APCO uses Peltor ear muffs as base for headsets. Helmet can be supplied with or without ear muffs for noise reduction or with communication headset against your order. For communication options click here.

      Headset installation is simple, easily done by you or your dealer. Therefore changing or replacing headset / earmuff is a routine task allowing for greater flexibility and more options.

      Cable connection to the transmitter is also plug in and can be changed by the dealer according to the type of radio used.

      Radio Cable Connectors: today there are many types of radio equipment available, we stock cables for the 4 most popular radio transmitters click here.


      Free Air Com III with full face clear visor and headset

      Free Air Com III with full face clear visor.
      New visor connection – offering a better look and cleaner finish.
      The full visor guarantees optimal wind protection and undisturbed view
      (Visor Code – 60236M)

      Full face clear visor connected with traditional connection as on previous models of Free Air Com. The full visor guarantees optimal wind protection and undisturbed view. 
      (Visor Code – 60236C)

      Sexy half face tinted visor – looks cool !! 
      (Visor Code – 60236TS)

      Free Air Com III helmet (no visor) 
      (Helmet code – 60150)

      • As default version Free Air Com III delivered assembled with full face visor with new connection system
      • Alternatively, Free Air Com III can be supplied with other visor option assembled or with no visor as per your preference.
      • Helmet and visor as well as headset are each priced separately and use separate codes
      • Simple, foolproof Visor installation / replacement, can be performed by any dealer.
      • click for Visor assembly guide

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Different size?

      Please contact us for different sizes.


      Options and Accessories

      60236A: Helmet case


      Heat formed EVA case designed by pilots for pilots!

      The helmet case is a well thought out item which will help protect and prolong your personal flying gear, as well as concentrating all items together so as not to forgot any item behind.