Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The leading worldwide UAV companies have used APCO’s experience in development of unique solutions for their drone, both for military and civil industries.

We have developed solutions to drones ranging from less than 1 kg. quad copter, to more than 1,000 kg. full scale drones.
We also produce multiple items for this industry following the strictest military specifications.

We pride ourselves by having the largest and most versatile parachutes in our industry and offer this experience as an advantage to our customers.

We specialize in offering descent and retrieval solutions and among our projects are:

Parachutes: Circular with or without Pull down apex, Rectangular parachutes and Steerable gliding parachutes – in super lightweight configuration, or robust, extremely high load, high opening shock configurations.

Airbags: For landing drones which follow the Pneumatic Catapult launch, airbag & parachute recovery. We have developed airbags which inflate actively or passively for a range of weight and volume restrictions.

Deceleration mechanisms: to further reduce problems of opening shock with parachute retrieval, a range of solutions such as gradual “burning fuse” to absorb energy, opening slider for parachute to control opening speed, deployment sleeve to control opening sequence and speed.

Deployment solutions: Variety of deployment bags and techniques for any imaginable restrictions in the UAV’s geometry and “flight envelope” requirements.

Among our partners: Israel Aerospace Industries – IAI, Aeronautics – worldwide leading UAV company, Bluebird, Elbit Systems, U-Vision, Parazero – multirotor parachutes solution provider, Martin Jetpack, Kitty Hawk