Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Recovery Systems

The leading worldwide UAV companies have used APCO’s experience in development of unique solutions for their drone, both for military and civil industries.

We have developed solutions to drones ranging from less than 1 kg. quad copter, to more than 1,000 kg. full scale drones.
We also produce multiple items for this industry following the strictest military specifications.

We pride ourselves by having the largest and most versatile parachutes in our industry and offer this experience as an advantage to our customers.

We specialize in offering descent and retrieval solutions and among our projects are:

Parachutes: Circular with or without Pull down apex, Rectangular parachutes and Steerable gliding parachutes – in super lightweight configuration, or robust, extremely high load, high opening shock configurations.

Airbags: For landing drones which follow the Pneumatic Catapult launch, airbag & parachute recovery. We have developed airbags which inflate actively or passively for a range of weight and volume restrictions.

Deceleration mechanisms: to further reduce problems of opening shock with parachute retrieval, a range of solutions such as gradual “burning fuse” to absorb energy, opening slider for parachute to control opening speed, deployment sleeve to control opening sequence and speed.

Deployment solutions: Variety of deployment bags and techniques for any imaginable restrictions in the UAV’s geometry and “flight envelope” requirements.

UAV specific Parachutes - extremely light and low packing volume with integrated slider mechanism for reduced opening shock. For more parachute designs and information contact us.

Parachute NameArea [m2]Product CodeWeight* [Gr]Volume
Sink Rate [m/s]@ Load Kg**Max Load [kg]****Opening Shock [G] @ Air speed [m/s]***Description
Square 3.034482413055015Extremely light - based on 10 gr/m2 fabric.
Square 3.53.544180168 Canopy only4006.6 @ 15 Kg15~3.15[G] @ 30[m/s] @15[Kg]High drag Slider for reduced opening shock at high opening speed.
Square 6681500180500
Square 12.512.5825003651150
Square 13.513.5400967500 - Canopy only
580 - Inc slider container and bridle
12004.0 @ 32 Kg60~3[G] @ 25[m/s] @32[Kg]Opening time - approx. 2.5 seconds. Fabric Rectangular Slider
Square 20204481188024004.15 @ 50 Kg100~4.5[G] @ 23[m/s] @50[Kg]Cross shaped Slider
Square 252585101UV125041505.4 @100 Kg
5.6 @120 Kg
180~3.5[G] @ 23[m/s] @40[Kg]Based on Mayday Square
Opening time - approx. 4 seconds. Cross shaped Slider.
Square 353540024101032503.44 @65 Kg
4.32 @75 Kg
150~2.8[G] @ 23.5[m/s] @65[Kg]Opening time - approx. 4 seconds. Cross shaped Slider.
Rogallo 30 - Gliding parachute304002390027004.0 @85 Kg120Gliding parachute with optional steering and landing flare capability. Recommended for low weight low sing rate critical applications.
Packed Size vs. Volume:
The volume is measured by water displacement, and represents the smallest recommended packed volume, or the volume of the smallest recommended storage compartment.
The Parachute deployment bag or container is custom designed to fit the UAV specific parachute compartment. It can be in any shape, typically box or Cylinder.
The Packed Size measurement of the factory packed, not compressed reserve, will typically be larger then the water displacement measured volume.
* Weight Excludes weight of optional long bridle and deployment bag.
** Sink Rate Will Very according to the payload shape and surface area. For classic UAV designs Sink rate will be reduced by up to 20% due to surface drag during the parachute stage. In General larger parachutes will have improved sink rate and stability over smaller parachutes of similar design.
*** Opening Shock [G]
This Value is measured during a parachute opening sequence from straight and level UAV flight at a specific flight speed for a given UAV weight. G Value is averaged over 300 milliseconds. Opening shock will considerably very according to parachute technical specs : Slider design, material choice, Bridle length Etc.
Opening shock is a derivative of opening time and can be adjusted per customers needs and parachute/slider design.
**** Max load
This Value will vary drastically between different UAV platforms according to UAV air speed at deployment and Slider design for controlling the opening shock.

EN Certified Parachutes - fast opening (No slider) high opening shock capability

MaydayArea [m2]GoresWeight* [kg]Volume
Packed Size [cm]
Length x Width x Height
Sink Rate [m/s]
(@ max Load)
Max Load [kg]gr / kg (Load)***Certification
Mayday Square25161.010300020.0x19.0x7.05.4 @100 Kg
5.72 @120 Kg
1209.16EN/LTF Certification - 100kg
EN Load/Drop test - 120 kg
Super Light Round
23161.220310024.5x18.5x11.56.1510012.20EN Load/Drop Test by Air Turquoise
MD 16 LT
Light Round
23161.490355027.0x21.0x10.06.1510014.90EN Load/Drop Test by Air Turquoise
MD 16
Regular Round
Super Light Round
30.4181.597395028.5x22.5x12.05.1**11513.89EN Certification EP021.2009
MD 18 LT
Light Round
RG 061.2012
MD 18
Regular Round
Super Light Round
37.5202.083475031.0x22.0x12.54.48**13014.80EN Certification
MD 20 LT
Light Round
37.5202.300500032.0x23.0x12.54.48**14016.43EN Certification
MD 20
Regular Round
Superlight Rogallo
36161.950500030.5x22.0x13.54 m/s@(90kg)
60-13015.00EN Certification
Steerable Rogallo
39162.900595033.0x24.0x15.52.8 m/s@(90kg)
60-13022.31EN Certification
Round Tandem Reserve
High Capacity Round Reserve for Trikes
64284.0001260037.0x23.0x20.06.334011.76EN Load test
Packed Size vs. Volume:
The volume is measured by water displacement, and represents the smallest recommended packed volume, or the volume of the smallest recommended container to be used for the reserve. The specified volume is therefore far lower than the calculated volume that would be derived from the specified measurements.
The Packed Size measurement represents the measurements of the factory packed, but not compressed reserve, ie. the max dimension for each axis, and in its specified deployment bag, as shipped from apco.
* Weight Excludes weight of optional long bridle for Hang-glider version:
Add 190gr for Hanggliding (HG) Extension Bridle (Code: 43006), or
Add 550gr for MD Bi HG Bridle (Code: 43002L)
** Sink Rate as measured by Air Turquoise test laboratory
Stability rating by Air Turquoise (1 bad - 5 excellent)
*** Gram per [Kg] Load
This is a unit that makes it easy to compare Reserves.
The unit is calculated by dividing the weight of the reserve, by its max load rating. The lower the number, the lighter the reserve is for its carrying capacity.

Among our partners: Israel Aerospace Industries – IAI, Aeronautics – worldwide leading UAV company, Bluebird, Elbit Systems, U-Vision, Parazero – multirotor parachutes solution provider, Martin Jetpack, Kitty Hawk