First Harness III

Paragliding & Paramotor Harness

First – A simple and uncluttered harness for teaching or soaring flights. ABS control, and enough adjustment to fit all but the largest and very smallest of pilots. Strong, lightweight and durable. The classic starter harness. Also used for Bivouac and high mountain flights.

More Features:

  • APCO quick lock buckles are standard
  • Light, simple harness – only 1.6 Kg (without seatplate), 2.145 Kg (with seatplate)
  • One size fits all – with zipper expander (zipper closed: S/M size, zipper opened: L/XL size)
  • Strong and durable fabric for extreme use and long life
  • 2 stage seat plate for added comfort
  • Ideal for schools and ground handling
  • Large rear storage compartment
  • Compatible with externally mounted Mayday rescue system (any)
Pilot Size (Height) [cm]SizeWeight 
140-190Multisize with
zipper expander
First Harness1.600 [Kg]
With Seat plate2.145 [Kg]

It is possible to fit a side or front mounted reserve parachute, which can be connected to the reserve attachment points on the shoulders of the harness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Optional Accessories


Light weight, simple and elegant container for paramotor or free flight use.
Includes an optional flight deck with space for two instruments.
The Universal container has multiple attachment points to accommodate mounting on most paramotor frames/harnesses.
Available in 2 sizes to cover all sizes of APCO reserve parachutes

Mayday Paraglider


Apco Aviation started manufacturing the Mayday in 1984, and since then put over 40,000 pieces into service in the Paragliding and Hang Gliding markets. The Mayday has hundreds of life saving deployments to its name, from beginners to world champions ( Read letters from saved pilots).

Harnesses – Sizing Table

HarnessSizeHarness Weight (kg)CodePilot Size (cm)Back Length (mm) - ASupported Back (mm) - ESeat Length (mm) - BSeat Width (mm) - CHook-in Height (mm) - FDist. between Karabiners (mm)- D
First IIIMultisize with
zipper expander
Hikeone size1.30047030160 to 190610320430230 x 2420295 - 490
Chairbag Integral Vone size2.95046030160-185700450390380430385 - 575
RitmaS/M3.20045050Up to 170680360400390420420 - 615
RitmaL/XL3.20045100170-185750400435400415420 - 615
RitmaXXL3.20045150180 and up750400435400405420 - 615
Edge IIS/M3.50042102Up to 170
Edge IIL/XL3.55042202170-185
Edge IIXXL3.60042302180 and up
Spark IIS/M4.55043102Up to 170740400370350390375 - 575
Spark IIL/XL4.60043202170-185775420410390415375 - 575
Spark IIXXL4.70043302180 and up790420470400440375 - 575
SwiftM/L6.444610Up to 190
SwiftXL190 and up
Tandem Pilot Harnessone size3.50042400Up to 195
Tandem Passenger Harnessone size2.70042500a wide range
of passenger sizes
Split Legs Paramotor
HIGH Hook-In points
S/M with
zipper extender
1.50043400Up to 185
Split Legs Paramotor
HIGH Hook-In points
L/XL with
zipper extender
1.50043410185 and up
Split Legs Paramotor
LOW Hook-In points
S/M with
zipper extender
1.50043500Up to 185
Split Legs Paramotor
LOW Hook-In points
L/XL with
zipper extender
1.50043510180 and up
Universal ParamotorMultisize with
zipper extender
2.70041015Up to 190
SLT Paramotor Harness
High Hook-Up points
Multisize with
zipper extender
2.00028015Up to 190
SLT Paramotor Harness
Low Hook-Up points
Multisize with
zipper extender
1.980420415Up to 190
Trike Pilotone size2.85049100160-190
Trike Passengerone size2.10049250160-190
  • 48133 – First Harness, One size fits all – with zipper expander (zipper closed S/M size, zipper open L/XL size)