APCO provides pilots with a complete range of free flying wings. From school wings up to competition and tandem wings. Over 40 years of experience are implemented into our designs, proving yet again that APCO Aviation is a leader in the industry, Setting Future Standards!


APCO provides pilots with a complete range of paramotor wings designed and tested specifically for use with paramotor!  From school to slalom competition wing, we offer the perfect product for any pilot. Pioneers in the sport of paramotors, we are World leaders,continuously Setting Future Standards!


APCO has been continually developing its Power Wing Products, now onto its third generation, the Power Wing MK IV has even better handling while the Hybrid Power Wing has the best glide ratio of rectangular wings on the market. We are proud to have a solid range with the best power wings available.

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4 days ago

Apco Aviation

NEWS :: Hybrid Breakthrough


Following the Launch of our Hybrid (Part single skin part classic profile) we have received numerous inquiries regarding the nature of this wing.

We would like to explain in a straightforward manner, with no hype, what is the hybrid wing and why is it truly special.

The Hybrid is not a "niche" type of wing for specific use.
We firmly believe that this type of design will replace standard wings in the EN-A and EN-B categories.

Supplied with our new 80 Liter light PG bag.

The Hybrid is in production in S, M and L sizes which all successfully passed EN-B certification test flights and are confirmed EN-B.

For the First Hybrid taken we will offer each dealer a 30 day Money back guarantee - to prove our confidence in this extraordinary design!


Intended for :

A. Schools - from the ground training stage, up to cross country flights with a low B level wing, the Hybrid is a perfect choice!
This is due to extreme ease of use with this unique wing design throughout the entire flight envelope. Flying the Hybrid makes the beginner pilot, a better pilot who will have more success!

B. Hike & Fly - if compared to single skin wings, then this wing has all the advantages - better launch, handling, safety and better flare than single skin alternatives on the market.

Stability - The flight characteristics of this wing can be described as "Ultra Stable"!
This is the most balanced wing you have ever tried in Roll, Pitch and Yaw.
The design of this wing does not allow the canopy to accumulate energy as you are used to on a classic wing design. You will find that the wing resists big wing-overs or "dolphin" movements and returns to level flight almost
immediately after any disturbance caused by turbulence or incorrect input. This is because of the ultra stable characteristics, the wing is constantly damping out energy, aspiring to fly in the lowest energetic level when the pilot is directly underneath the canopy.
The Hybrid's unique profile shape results in the center of lift being further forward than other wings – a factor that also makes this wing more collapse resistant throughout the speed range.

Certification - All maneuvers were rated EN-A apart from 2 maneuvers that received the EN-B rating:
Full front collapse - where the pilot holds the A risers until the Leading edge touches the trailing edge.
The 75% side collapse - this was rated B only at the maximum weight at maximum accelerated flight (full speed bar)
Both of the above relate to opening time after the maneuver, but to describe wing safety - it is a highly docile wing, with no tendency for surges or high speed, high stress responses.

Thermaling - The next big advantage of the hybrid is during thermaling. The Hybrid has a very good climb rate and thermaling this wing is easier than on other gliders. Firstly the stability of the profile gives confidence as there are no surges, the air feels calmer with this wing and very few pilot corrections are needed.
The Hybrid is NOT a fast wing. The unique profile is optimised to perform well at a lower airspeeds, but this is also where the advantages of the wing come into play.
At slow speeds the Hybrid shaped profile is most efficient (minimum sink rate) which allows flying slowly inside thermals spending more time in "high lift" areas producing an impressive climb rate, especially when considering the small surface area.

Handling - Very good, better than single skin designs, and better than most EN A, B wings. Efficiency of the brakes is superb, with very very low brake pressure! this is due to the fact that the back part is single skin.

Flare - As on a normal wing and better than single skins! (Single skins tend to have poor flare)

Comparing the Hybrid to a mid level EN-B wing you can expect similar performance at trim speed.
The Hybrid will have a slower speed across the speed range and glide at speed bar will be less efficient than on a classic wing, but you will gain on all other aspects of flight:

Ease of flying and thermaling!
Hike and fly and XC potential.
Ease of inflation and takeoff!
Low weight and packing volume of the wing.
Active and passive safety!
Fun Factor - stress free flying!

Conclusion - We believe that this is perfect for schools/weekend pilots (EN-A , B) who need a wing which is easy to use, and for hike and fly pilots seeking more flying potential than on a Single Skin.

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Intended for :

A. Schools - Front launches at no wind conditions - the Hybrid is by far the best thing there is on the market today!

B. Pilots who fly locally and do not need the wide speed range of reflex wings. Pilots having difficulties with forward launches and would like to enjoy the ease of use and slow take off speed of the hybrid.

The advantages of the Hybrid for paramotor are concentrated around its stability and ease of use during take off and landing.

Launch - We cannot stress enough how much easier it is to foward launch and take off with this wing. There is nothing to compare it to including the Lift 2EZ.
The Hybrid is not a fast wing which makes the take off run shorter and slower than other wings. The light weight canopy ensures that it comes overhead with less effort than a regular wing.
The required effort on the A-risers is lower than on a regular wing and just two or three, easy steps forward brings it overhead. The stability of the profile helps to keep it directly above the pilot. There is no tendency to roll to the sides during the take off run, the pilot hardly needs to move under the wing, as it will center itself above the pilot.

In Flight - the first thing you will notice is the low brake pressure! there is no need for tip steering (as it is not a reflex profile), and the load is lower than anything you have tried!

The second would be the roll stability - with this wing there is no roll instability (Oscillation) whatsoever! This wing would be the perfect tool for aerial photographers, not too fast and extremely stable. You can take your hands off the brakes and the wing stays as steady as a rock. There is also slight to no torque effect, as very low power is needed due to the highly efficient profile.

The pitch stability resembles the behavior of a reflex profile, this is noticeable mainly when ground handling.

Compared to a reflex wing the hybrid is more "sensitive". It is a light weight wing that gives better feedback of the air to the pilot. It will move more than a reflex wing that behaves much more as a rigid structure.

The Hybrid will reverse launch in very light wind conditions, but the advantages of the Hybrid will decrease on windier days where high air speeds are needed.

For pilots that fly in lower winds this is by far the best and easiest wing there is on the market today!

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HIKE & FLY package:

To complete the Hybrid, we are offering the option to also purchase our lightweight HIKE harness (replacing the light PG bag). For more info check with your dealer.

All sizes of Hybrid are now in production.

Your orders are welcome !


PG/PM School owner, Dealer or Instructor?
This is your chance to join APCO family!

Only for new dealers we offer:
✔ Sweet take off deal!
✔ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
✔ Exclusivity agreement and protected sales territory

Send us a message to get details ⬇
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Can’t wait to get my hands on one!

Hi Apco, you should try perfectly clear material for the single skin section (if it is available).

I have a Dudek optic. Wish it would turn into a hybrid 😉

That sound good to hear. #APCO #Hybrid. 😎 😎 😎

5 days ago

Apco Aviation

TEASER!! Behind the scene with Mike Gatto, full video coming soon..
Thank you Mike Gatto - it's be fun! #ApcoHybridVideoComingSoonFlying Apco's new Hybrid Paraglider in the Negev Desert.
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Video image


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It sure was fun. That new Hybrid is a dream come true. Can't wait for the next new innovation from Apco Aviation.

6 days ago

Apco Aviation

Pic of the day! Thank you Jumbo Paramotor, Thailand. #ApcoThailand #ApcoForceSPApco Force SP. 🎏Thailand🇹🇭 ... See MoreSee Less

Pic of the day! Thank you Jumbo Paramotor, Thailand. #ApcoThailand #ApcoForceSP


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I & my APCO Force SP 🙂 (Poland) 🙂 🙂 🙂

1 week ago

Apco Aviation

Pic of the day! Hybrid duo taken from a canopy magnetic mount. #ApcoHybrid #SettingFutureStandards ... See MoreSee Less

Pic of the day! Hybrid duo taken from a canopy magnetic mount. #ApcoHybrid #SettingFutureStandards


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That wing looks fancy


Waoo Perfect Wings !!! Yeap !!!


Looks nice.

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2 weeks ago

Apco Aviation

Pic of the day! #ApcoForce2ColorDevil! Looks and flies like a Devil! #ApcoAviationSettingFutureStandards ... See MoreSee Less

Pic of the day!  #ApcoForce2ColorDevil! Looks and flies like a Devil! #ApcoAviationSettingFutureStandards


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In stock now!

It's beautiful, I want it too👍

I want one 😫