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“What is obvious to experienced pilots is confusing and difficult for students”

The APCO F5 was recently launched with a big media bang and accordingly demand.

We received several inquiries regarding the school risers, leading us to further explain and differentiate the standard F5 from the school version.

F5 School version is a simplified, more basic version of the standard F5, offered at a more attractive price point than the standard version!

The main technical differences between the 2 versions can be found in the table below.

After logging the first 10-20 hours of flying, if and when the pilot feels ready to start using 2D brakes, trimmers, accelerator and tip steering… a retrofit kit is available with all the lines, risers and handles needed to convert your school version to a full feature, standard F5!

The F5 school version enjoys the benefits of the lightweight canopy and the unprecedented stability of the all new Mohawk, BUT we have damped down the brake action to be much more forgiving and beginner friendly. The brakes are operated with only one main brake line (without 2D system) for maximum ease of use.

This, together with the simplified risers (same as the LIFT 2EZ), makes this glider the best and most straight-forward school glider for beginners to train on and gain confidence towards independence.

This approach has been proven to shorten the learning curve for both student and instructor!

When upgrading from school to standard version, the glider becomes snappier, faster and much more capable, delivering a whole new flying experience for your students with all the excitement that follows a new wing. Big smiles guaranteed!!

School Risers

Comparison Table

DescriptionThe simplest, most straight forward reflex wing available. Designed to accelerate learning curve of any beginner and bring them into the air as fast as possible.
Damped brake reaction and more roll stability than on the standard version.
Beginner/intermediate full reflex wing with all the bells and whistles.
Agile and responsive with impressive speed range.
Aimed atSchools/instructors.
Pilots in their first steps into the sport, gaining experience and confidence.
Weekend warriors that need a capable, fun wing, while retaining the highest level of safety and easiness possible.
Riser differencesSimplified risers:

20mm. stiff webbing for maximum simplicity.

No 2D system - standard brake line arrangement with one main brake line

Shorter riser legs

Additional hook up point for high/low paramotors

Speed system removed.

Tip steering removed.

Short minimal trimmers for use towards landing.

Clearly marked A,B left, right.
High Tech fully equipped risers:

12mm. webbing with APCO's proprietary V-links.

Includes 2D main brake steering.

Includes tip steering handles – automatic return.

Includes Paracam roller camet buckle with extended speed range.

SRS built in system.

Optional 14KIT available for hang-point harnesses.
2D✘ - removed due to school request and ease of use✔ - maximum control fully operational 2D system
ABS - Automatic Balance System✘ - unnecessary since wing cannot be accelerated in absence of speed system.✔- completely automatic, it improves roll stability during accelerated flight.
SRS - Stall Resistance System✔ - Easier launch and safety due to stall resistance✔ - Easier launch and safety due to stall resistance
Tip Steering handles✘ - removed for maximum riser simplicity and straight forward use, no need to change brake handles during flight.simplicity and straight forward use, no need to change brake handles during flight.
✔- the standard F5 has a full range of speed, accordingly tip steering is mandatory
*Tip steering is mandatory to use with trimmers open or in combination with speed bar. Offers very low brake pressure.
Butt Holes2✔- keeping the canopy clear of debris always!✔- keeping the canopy clear of debris always!
WSS- Wind Scoop System✘ - removed in absence of tip steering. Can be added with retro-fit kit
EHP -Embedded hook in point
3D Leading Edge cut
HIT Valves
Flexon battens
Ball bearing pulleys✘- removed in absence of speed system
Area [m2]25.727.429.1
Area (projected) [m2]22.223.425.0
Span [m]11.2211.8412.46
Span (projected) [m]9.059.5510.07
Aspect Ratio4.95.05.2
Aspect Ratio (projected)3.844.2
Pilot Weight (all up) free flight [kg]70-10085-120110-140
Pilot Weight [kg] (all up paramotor)
75 - 120
100 - 145
125 - 165
Canopy Weight [kg]
Root Chord m2.762.762.76
Tip Chord [m]0.530.530.53
Length of Lines on B [m]6.656.957.25
Total Length of Lines [m]304324349

* Higher load is recommended for use with a trike due to the higher take-off and landing speeds.


V-min [km/h]21
V-trim [km/h]35-39
V-trim off [km/h]51-53
V-max [km/h]62
Min Sink [m/s] at optimal wing loadingless than 1.05 m/sec


APCO is traditionally known for using materials and building techniques which offer double and triple lifespan over the expected. The glider is made from tear resistant Ripstop Nylon cloth, which is P.U. coated to zero porosity and then siliconized to give the fabric high resistance to the elements. Different cloth is used for the top, bottom and ribs due to their different functions.

As on all APCO wings, the F5 wing uses the same long lasting cloth on the top surface, guaranteeing its integrity for entire expanded lifespan of the wing. Nevertheless we significantly reduced the weight of the wing thanks to advanced solutions applied, without compromising on any of APCO’s legendary durability.

The top surface utilizes our double siliconized cloth – top front is critical area in terms of porosity as this is where most of the lift is generated.

The bottom surface has been upgraded to a lightweight 27 gr. material with an advanced ripstop arrangement which saves additional weight.

The ribs are separated into supported and unsupported ribs, with lightweight material on unsupported ribs for additional weight saving.

The lines are a mix of different materials in different positions, to optimize to the fullest the diameter/strength according to the required load.
The top lines are our life-time warranted embedded hook in points made from Dyneema fiber.
The rest of the lines are sheathed for extra durability and ease of use. Material used is Kevlar for its stability and resistance to elastic changes in length.
The bottom section of the brake lines is made of Dyneema because of its better mechanical properties. The lines are attached to the risers using Apco’s proprietary aluminum V-links.

MaterialDiameter [mm]Strength [kg]
Mid/StabiloSuper Aramid1.2120
Bottom (A3/A5/B3/B5)Super Aramid1.8220
Bottom (A1/B1)Super Aramid1.9320
Bottom (C/D)Super Aramid1.5150
Brakes Cascade/ St. TopDyneema1.195
Steering LinePolyester285
Sail Cloth: Top42 gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Sail Cloth: Bottom27 gr/m2 "Zero Porosity" Ripstop Nylon
Rib ReinforcementFLEXON® batten system
Warranty3 years / 250 Hours

Read and download our 3 Year / 250 Hour warranty certificate.

Learn more about our outstanding factory service.

Order replacement lines from our Line Shop.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lift EZ-R Vs F5 ?

Within the Apco range of wings, the F5 is positioned slightly above the EZ-R.
Although they are similar in minimum and maximum speeds the F5 differs from the Lift EZ-R mainly in the following:

  • Higher speed for the F5 on the trimmers open setting
  • More agility and faster brake reaction on the F5 Vs the Lift EZ-R.
  • Additional 2D steering on the F5
  • Lighter cloth of the F5 improves the launch characteristics and the in flight safety.

School Risers Vs Standard F5 risers

The School Risers are the same risers as on the Lift 2EZ.
They are a simplified version of the F5 risers.
Stripped from all options except the bare minimum, they are extremely clean and simple to understand.
Made out of stiff 20 mm webbing for easy orientation of the A, B, C branches it will help beginners in their first steps of learning the sport.

We highly recommend them for Students and new pilots.
Upgrading to the standard risers does not require any special tools and no line changes except the additional tip steering line addition.

I was wondering if the F5 is an acceptable wing for free-flying in addition to using a motor?

Yes – it’s possible.

The F5 was designed for Paramotor use and that it where it excels!

With that, using the wing for free flying is perfectly safe and possible.
As a reflex profile wing, it will not have the glide ratio of parallel free flying wings, but for occasional opportunities it is perfectly capable of free flying.

To use in free flying, please keep trimmers in neutral position, on the Blue marking.
The neutral position means that all riser legs A,B,C,D are equal in length which is the free flying configuration.

Why is the Stabilo connected to the C and Not the B as on most gliders?

Yes – The Stabilo connects to the C Riser as a technical feature “ABS” https://www.apcoaviation.com/abs2-automatic-balance-system/
When the trimmer is released, the distance between the C risers and the magnet of the tip steering on the B becomes longer.
This causes the tip steering lines to be automatically applied, contributing even further to roll stability while accelerated.

In the Box

Options and Accessories

42459: Light Clinch Bag


Durable, Comfortable.Made from LightRipstop material. Large Carry Bag for Quick packing of all your equipment. Holds unfolded glider, Harness, Helmet, etc. easily and quickly.
Weight – 500gr.

Open dimensions (Spread Flat): 1.2m x 1.2m

50011: Custom Colour

Apco Gliders can also be ordered with custom colors to suit your needs, be it a personal preference or for advertising purposes.


70061 L+R: School Risers

For pilots using high hook-in point harness configuration , we recommend ordering with/adding Lower Tip Steering Kit (14KIT option).


Wing Suitability



    You have to try it! The lightweight construction in combination with the unique SRS riser system makes inflation easier than ever before. Take-off speed is lowest there is for a full reflex wing, for a short and effortless run.


    Close the trimmers and enjoy a slow approach with a highly effective flare.
    Flare like a pro – the brake travel is long and progressive allowing the slow squeeze of energy out of the wing.


    The reflex profile has been further optimized for improved fuel consumption and flatter glider angle when approaching for landing.


    As with the rest of the “Formula Racing” family of wings, the handling is much more direct and responsive than the Lift EZ-R. This in combination with the roll stability of the “Mohawk” creates the perfect handling package!


    “Love the trimmers, they add so much speed”
    “Inflation is a no brainer”
    “The Mohawk is freaking Cool!”


    LIGHT – big weight saving choosing lighter materials for the bottom surface and ribs. Top surface incorporates our legendary double siliconized cloth for maximum durability.

  • F5

    Developed to complete the F1 and F3 “Formula Racing” family, it is a step over the Lift EZ-R on all parameters. An easy, safe wing to fly that will give any level pilot top notch performance in a simple to operate package.


  • null


    Next level roll stability

  • null


    2 Dimensional Steering

  • null


    Wind Scoop System

  • null


    Low Drag Tensioner

  • null


    Reflex Profile

  • null


    Embedded Hook-In Points

  • HIT Valves


    High Intake Valves

  • null


    Stall Recovery System

  • null



  • null

    L/E FLEXON battens®

    A system for improved launch, lighter weight, prolonged lifespan

  • null



  • null


    DSC – Double Siliconized Cloth

  • null


    Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulleys ®

  • null


    Laser Cut Technology

  • null


    Integral built-in neodymium brake magnets

  • null


    3D Cut

  • null


    They may look like any other handle, but they will keep you safer in the air

  • Roller Camet Buckle

    RCB - Roller Camet Buckle

    Roller Camet Buckle “Paracam” – silky smooth trimmer operation

Approval – ULM identification