Three Year Paragliding Warranty

The following warranty is granted by APCO Aviation Ltd. with respect to all of its standard Serial Production Wings, manufactured from January 1, 1994, subject to full compliance by the purchaser/owner to its following terms, as hereby detailed:

APCO Aviation Ltd. guarantees the fabric of its wings against porosity to the extent that the wing becomes Unairworthy. The fabric is warranted to retain sufficient air impermeability to fly safely for a period of 250 hours or 3 years, whichever comes first. APCO Aviation Ltd. undertakes at its option to repair or replace the wing, as necessary, at APCO’s discretion.

This warranty is subject to the following limitations:
A. The original purchaser has properly filled out and returned the Warranty Registration Card to APCO Aviation Ltd.
B. The wing owner duly records the wing’s flight time and use in an official Log Book, signed by himself and/or an official instructor site supervisor, meet official etc. This Warranty will not be in force for wings without properly registered and logged Flight Records.
C. The wing has undergone its periodical inspections as required in accordance with its users’ Manual and Directives of Association, to which the owner is affiliated, and has received its periodical signed Airworthiness Certificates from the owner’s local paragliding authority, to this effect.
D. The wing has been properly maintained and serviced, exclusively by APCO authorized dealers and their employees, and cleaned, dried, packed and stored in accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions.
E. For replacement wings the owner shall be entitled to a discount from the retail price proportionate to the remaining life span of the wing, as covered by this Warranty (pro-rata).

The wing has been flown for recreational use only – high stress applications, including (but not exclusive to) towing, instability maneuvers, schooling, training and any professional use of the wing, are expressly excluded from the terms of this Warranty.

This warranty does not apply to the following:

  • Use outside the placarded load limitations.
  • Color fading of the fabric.
  • Damage or corrosion caused by solvents, fuel or other chemicals.
  • Accidental or flight (take off/landing) related damage.
  • Damage caused by emergency parachute deployment.
  • Modified wings.
  • Any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the use of the wing, or lack of use and pleasure thereof, other than the cost of the product.

Your statutory rights are in no way affected by this warranty.
The manufacturer retains the right of final decision regarding any claims made within the framework of this warranty.