Yes, the wing flys great. Went flying Saturday morning early for an
hour and half with my son. We both have Green Eagles. Turned 64 last
Wednesday and can’t believe I waited so long.  The Lift EU II is a great
wing. That was only my 14th flight. Thanks,  David.


David Whiting – USA

Hi there Apco

Thank you for manufacturing an outstanding wing. Due to the whether I had the opportunity to fly my new Lift EU 400 on Saturday morning.

What a pleasure. Not what I expected. The wing came up with no surprises at all. Just sit there waiting for the next command. In flight the wing is responsive with the best glide ratio. Landing the trike was really very easy with minimal input.

The wing was really worth the wait.

All I can say is good luck improving on this wing.

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Lionel Schlebusch