The Apco FAR (Flow Aligned Ribs) Technology was reviewed by XC Mag:
Apco are introducing two new concepts to the market this year: Flow-aligned ribs and a hybrid paraglider that is half-standard / half-single-skin. Designer Jonathan Cohn explained more

Tell us about flow-aligned ribs first
It’s pretty straightforward. It doesn’t matter if it is a paramotor or free-flying, but when a glider is gliding down its glide-path, the glide-path is not parallel to the shape of the wing. On the tips the glide angle forces the air in a direction that is not parallel to the ribs. So in reality what happens is the air is crossing from one rib to the other diagonally. The airflow over the rib is far from being optimal with regards to lift and drag. So facing the ribs in the direction of glide is a very simple way of optimising the flow over the tips.”
The Full Review is available on the XC Magazine Page.

Apco FAR – Flow Aligned Ribs