SLT Harness with LOW Hook-In Points MKII

Paramotor Harness
SuperLight (SLT) paramotor harness is the most advanced and feature packed paramotor harness on the market.
It is also the only fully certified paramotor harness on the market, having passed both EN and LTF standards, including strength and protection tests.
Designed for the optimal balance between maximum comfort and minimum weight, it will suit pilots who demand the absolute best.
The SLT Low will fit most low attachment paramotors on the market today, improving safety, ease of use and overall flying experience.
This new generation improves on all aspects of the harness.
The shape has been refined for additional comfort. A larger front flap has been incorporated for easier running and more support during flight.
Seat weight has been reduced using a lightweight polycomb material for the seat board and front flap.

Improved safety features have been incorporated, taking into account different frame geometries.

The shoulder scuff guards are replaceable – For paramotor manufacturers there is a custom branding option for these.

The main options available for SLT Low:
  • Emergency parachute container can be zipped on either the left or right side of the harness.
  • Additional accessory pocket can be zipped on either the left or right side of the harness.
  • Safety straps attach to the CG (Center of Gravity), running under the seat – will protect in case of any side arm failure
  • Ball bearing speed bar pulleys (smoother, lighter use of speed bar)
  • Paramotor pod compatible
  • Paramotor airbag compatible
  • Replaceable shoulder cover for custom branding
  • Replaceable abrasion resistant shoulder cover for wear and tear replacement – pull start cable damage
  • Fuel gauge mirror.
  • Wonderbar (speed bar)
    1. Super Light weight at just under 2 Kg. (bare)
    2. Available in 2 different sizes – S/M and L/XL
    3. Fully certified EN / LTF
    4. Safety webbing – 1,700 kg. per side 12mm. Dyneema in case of side-arm failure – (sold separately)
    5. Ball Bearing Speed System Pulleys (Optional)
    6. Polycomb lightweight seat board and front flap.
    7. An extra large front flap for easier running and more support during flight
    8. Ergonomic back padding designed for comfort and air ventilation with specially designed foam to isolate the pilot from engine vibration.
    9. Abrasion resistant shoulder cover – replaceable in case of pull start cable wear
    10. Replaceable shoulder cover allowing for easy custom branding for paramotor manufacturers or sponsors
    11. Neoprene padded leg straps with improved geometry – maximum comfort for take off / landing position.
    12. Side Pocket integrated on each side with reflective stripes for added visibility and ready for fuel gauge mirror
    13. Bottom pocket – large, under the seat for storing PG bag, tools, oil etc.
    14. Size adjustment using a back extension zipper to accommodate all pilots from the smallest to the tallest.
    15. Zipped on Emergency parachute container that can be installed on either the left or right (Optional)
    16. Zipped on side pockets that can be installed on either the left or right (Optional)
    17. Extra wide 3D padded shoulder straps for maximum load spreading and carrying comfort.
    18. Dual height option for main attachment loop on side bar, for perfect fitting / adjustment to your frame.
    Size & Weight
    S/M Code: 420425Up to 185 [cm]
    L/XL Code: 420426180 [cm] and up
    SLT LOW MKII PM Harness1.990 [Kg]
    Standard Seat plate0.263 [Kg]
    Seat Plate Extension0.082 [Kg]
    Back Vibration Isolating foam (removable)0.090 [Kg]
    Ball Bearing Pulleys0.026 [Kg] (13gr x 2)
    Total Weight2.450 [Kg]
    * Weight +/- 5%
    Available in one colour – Black with Grey
    The SLT Low harness is offered in two sizes with several adjustments to fit most pilots:

    Variable length of the back – adjusted by opening or closing a zipper on the bottom back of the harness. This adjustment typically accommodates taller pilots and also lowers the position of the pilot compared to the frame hanging points for a more reclined body position.
    Harness to swing arm attachment point has 2 optional heights to be chosen according to frame geometry and pilot size. The lower point will result in a more reclined seat and will typically accommodate shorter pilots.
    The higher point will result in a more upright position and easier exit from the harness, typically accommodates taller pilots.
    Adjustable length of other parts including shoulder straps, side strap, front flap, legs, chest and waist straps.

    It is highly recommended to use reserve parachute on any flight. APCO offers a range of Mayday parachutes, compatible with the specifically designed Emergency parachute compartment which can be Zipped on and off either side of the harness and is interchangeable with a zipped on Pocket.

    The safety webbing will save the pilot in case of side arm failure – it is connected under the seat, vertically aligned on the same load vector as the carabiner to retain the same seating angle in the case of such a failure.

    Optional Airbag will provide additional protection in case of impact with the ground.
    More information is available in the Options Tab

    Reserve System

    Reserve System

    The Optional zip-on side mounted reserve container system for this harness integrates seamlessly into your setup, and provides peace of mind knowing you are flying with a rescue system.

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    Safety Strap

    80030 Universal Safety Loop,  12 mm dyneema webbing, 1,700 [Kg] per side, for mid swing arms. (S-bars, Swan neck, etc.)

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    Pilot Protection

    The optional airbag provides additional protection in case of impact with the ground.
    More information is available in the accessories section

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    What does Certification cover in a PPG Harness?

    Unlike other harnesses on the market which may have been load tested for strength, this certification confirms all main parameters of the harness, including:
    • Constructional Strength
    • Reserve Container safety and proven deployment sequence functionality
    • Airbag protection
    Constructional strength – using a dummy the strength of the harness, mainly the webbing structure, was confirmed to hold loads of up to 15G for a pilot weight of 120kg. This practically means that in case of an accident or reserve deployment, the harness can hold a load of 1,800kg!
    Reserve container – our zipped-on emergency parachute container was tested and approved for proper reserve deployment sequence even in high G force emergency situation. The purpose of the test is to prove that even if the pilot is caught in an extreme spiral or any other emergency situation, he can still reach the handle and deploy the reserve parachute without any failure throughout the chain of: reserve handle =>opening of the external container =>pulling out the internal container=>extension of the reserve bridle out of the routing sleeve. From here on if emergency parachute used is certified then all aspects of the deployment sequence are covered.
    Airbag – the difference between walking away from an accident to breaking your back!
    Our airbag was proven to perform with outstanding results. The test measured a G rating of less than half the required amount for certification within the strict requirements of both EN and LTF (German) certification.

    What type of safety webbing do I need?

    Choosing your Safety Webbing:
    For Low swing arms (PAP, PXP, Kangook, Flyproducts. etc.) – Safety webbing short, 12 mm dyneema webbing (CODE : 80041)

    For Mid swing arms. (S-bars, ParaJet, Kangook Swan neck, etc.) – Safety webbing long, 12 mm dyneema webbing (CODE: 80042)

    Choosing your Karabiner connector webbing:
    For Tube Arms (MiniPlane, R.UltraLight, Air-Conception – typical tube diameter 25 mm)  Carabiner Loop, 12 mm dyneema webbing (CODE: 44704)

    For for CNC Arms or Omega Shackle Connector (Fly Products, PXP, ParaJet, Kangook, Scott, Yooda) – Figure 8 connection for side arms with carabiner, 25 mm polyester webbing (CODE: 80049)

    Notes to ensure you have the correct setup:

    Always do a hang check prior to flight.

    If your Safety webbing is too short:

    • It will limit the side arm range of movement, reducing weight shift ability.
    • It will make it harder to get into the seat after takeoff.
    • It may alter the Hang / Thrust Angle

    If your Safety webbing is too long:

    • In case of asymmetric arm failure, there will be a large difference in carabiner heights between the 2 sides, leading to a dangerous weight shift turn.

    How do I install the Safety Webbing?

    What are the Sizing Options for the SLT?

    Two different sizes – extremely versatile achieved through an innovative zip sizing system, combined with dual height hang points.
    Taller pilot use the upper hang points with the zip open, and shorter pilots use the upper hang points with the zipper closed.
    In this version of the harness, we have moved the zip to the outside (rear), for increased comfort.

    For the right size for you, please refer to the APCO sizing table and consult with your frame manufacturer and instructor.

    I am a Paramotor Manufacturer, what are the customisation options for the SLT LOW?

    Custom Logo and branding is now easier than ever.
    The shoulder cover on the harness is removable so you can apply logo by any method you choose locally at your end.
    The standard shoulder cover has the Apco logo on the right side and the left is clear for your logo to be applied.
    For larger quantities we can also do this for you.
    The Idea is that you order and pay only for the shoulder cover with your logo (small fee)
    We produce and embroidery only the shoulder cover and hold here in our stock for your future orders of SLT LOWII harnesses.
    Once we ship out harnesses to you (any quantity) will replace the standard shoulder cover with the pre prepared Embroidered covers.
    The shoulder covers can be removed or assembled on with a very clean and neat zipper.
    For orders of 40 harnesses or more with custom changes contractual or design, please contact our offices.

    Can this harness be used for free flying or ground handling?


    The reason is that paramotor harnesses are designed to be hung from the middle of the side arms.
    The main harness hook hook up points are connected to the front of the side arms, but using the side arms in reality your hanging point is somewhere in the middle of the side arms.

    Using a paramotor harness main hook up points as the main hang points without side arms will result in harness position in which you are 90 degrees rotated backwards looking straight up to the canopy.
    It is very dangerous and impossible to use in this way.

    Ground handling is possible, but if there will be even momentarily enough lift to disattach the pilot from the ground, you will be flipped onto your back!
    You can to test this out yourself by performing a simple, stationary hang check in a safe environment.

    Attaching the carabiners to any other point in the harness other than the main hang points is also strictly forbidden due to strength considerations of the harness.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Send us your questions: Contact us

    Optional Accessories

    44704: Karabiner Loop 12 mm Dyneema webbing


    Designed for 25mm. diameter tube swing arms.
    Rated 2,100 [kg] MBL.
    The Apco Karabiner Loop provides pilots a reliable clean way to connect the flying Karabiners to the arms or swing arms on their paramotor frame.

    Price is for set of 2 pieces!

    80046: Universal Airbag for harnesses


    Self-inflatable and superlight .Adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident.The APCO Paramotor Airbag is universal and will also fit most other brands paramotor harnesses

    Harnesses – Sizing Table

    HarnessSizeCodeHarness Weight [Kg]*Pilot Size (cm)Back Length (mm) - ASeat Length (mm) - BSeat Width (mm) - CDist. between Karabiners (mm)- DSupported Back (mm) - EHook-in Height (mm) - FPod Length - G
    First IIIMultisize with
    zipper expander
    481332.145 (incl.)140-190
    Hikeone size470301.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Chairbag Integral Vone size460303.240 (incl.)160-185700390380385 - 575450430
    RitmaS/M450503.900 (incl.)Up to 170680400390420 - 615360420
    RitmaL/XL451004.000 (incl.)170-185750435400420 - 615400415
    RitmaXXL451504.100 (incl.)180 and up750435400420 - 615400405
    Spark IIS/M431025.120 (incl.)Up to 170740370350375 - 575400390
    Spark IIL/XL432025220 (incl.)170-185775410390375 - 575420415
    Spark IIXXL433025320 (incl.)180 and up790470400375 - 575420440
    KittoS / M443102710 (incl.)up to 185
    KittoL / XL443202840 (incl.)**180 - 205
    Swift RaceM/L446105.950 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift RaceXL446206.150 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift SportM/L446305.310 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift SportL/XL446355.510 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    Swift ZeroM/L446404910 (incl.)up to 190640410320395 - 540360440900 - 1000
    Swift ZeroL/XL446455.110 (incl.)185 and up700460340360 - 5353704801000 - 1100
    2 Lightone size426101.300 (incl.)160 to 190610430230 x 2295 - 490320420
    Tandem Pilot Harnessone size424004.500 (incl.)Up to 195
    Tandem Passenger Harnessone size425003.300 (incl.)a wide range
    of passenger sizes
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    434001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440600/690
    Split Legs Paramotor
    HIGH Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    434101.590 (incl.)185 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540620/710
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    435001.590 (incl.)Up to 185600/660260230x2340-500380/440420/480
    Split Legs Paramotor
    LOW Hook-In points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    435101.590 (incl.)180 and up630/690/750300260x2320-530420/480/540420/480/540
    Universal ParamotorMultisize with
    zipper extender
    410153.100 (incl.)Up to 190630/690430390240-640440/500460/680/750
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    High Hook-Up points
    Multisize with
    zipper extender
    280152.550 (incl.)Up to 190660/720400380360-610380/440590/680
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    S/M with
    zipper extender
    4204252.495 (incl.)Up to 185660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    SLT Paramotor Harness
    Low Hook-Up points
    L/XL with
    zipper extender
    4204262.495 (incl.)180 and up660/720400380360-610380/440340/360
    Trike Pilotone size491002.850 (incl.)160-190690330+9043050360420-580
    Trike Passengerone size492502.100 (incl.)160-190600340410510330350
    *Harness weight denotes the total weight of the harness including Standard parts supplied with the harness such as; Seat Plate, Airfoam Protector, vibration foam (PM harnesses), and if relevant, the optional Lexan Plate.
    It excludes other optional accessories such as Cockpits, Stirrups, reserve parachutes, zip-on side pickets/reserve containers etc.
    **Estimated Weight

    The SLT LOW MkII paramotor harness is available in two sizes – both sizes with zipper expander and multiple adjustments and connection options


    • 420425  – S/M SLT LOW MKII PM harness :: Low Hook-Up points
    • 420426  – L/XL SLT LOW MKII PM harness :: Low Hook-Up points

    New Recommended Options

    • 80030    – Safety Webbing universal, 12 mm dyneema
    • 80041    – Safety webbing short, 12 mm dyneema
    • 44704    – Carabiner Loop, 12 mm dyneema
    • 80049    – Figure 8 connection for side arms
    • 43107C  – Ball Bearing Pulley Assembly

    Standard Options

    • 80029    –  Side Mounted E.P container
    • 80035    –  Zipped on Side pocket
    • 80046    –  Universal Airbag for PM Harnesses
    • 80047    –  Universal Paramotor Pod (Unisize)


    EN Certification Label

    LTF Certification Label