42025: Light Universal Bridle


Light Universal Bridle :: Code 42025 :: Set of 2

Length: 1320mm (end to end)

Strength: < 1,700 [DaN]

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Light Universal Bridle :: Code 42025 – The webbing is woven from Dyneema fibres, only 12mm. wide and rated for over 1,700 [DaN]. The new bridles are stronger than before, allowing lower weight and packing volume, and due to the mechanical properties, reduce opening shock by offering higher elasticity.

The smart design of the Universal Bridles allows for connecting the reserve parachute to the harness without any metal links, further reducing weight and improving safety and strength.

Length: 1320mm (end to end)
Width of Dyneema Tape: 12mm
Thickness of Dyneema Tape: 1.8mm


For the Mayday parachutes, the new webbing is used for the end connection and incorporates Teflon coating at the friction point to eliminate any chance of burn out of the webbing during reserve deployment.

New Vs. Old

Hike Harness Video Manual – Shows how to install the Light Universal Bridle without the use of maillons.

Assembly Instructions (Photo Guide):

Installation should always be done by a suitably qualified person.

Attach the ends of the bridles with the smaller loops to the shoulder reserve attachment points using ‘Larks-Head’ Knots

Start by passing the small loop through the shoulder attachment point.

Then pass the other end of the bridle (large loop), through the small loop of the bridle

Position the knots so that they will not slide once under load,

and ensure to pull the knots very tight, so that there will be no sliding / friction as the load is applied.

Now attach the reserve to the two bridles with another ‘Larks Head’ knot.

Start by ensuring there are no twists in the bridles, then  pass the two large loops through the loop on the reserve bridle end,

and then pass the reserve itself through the two large loops of the bridles to form the knot.

Make sure the loops are balanced / equalised, with no twists, and make sure to pull the knot down and tight, so that there will not be any sliding or fiction which could cut or melt the bridles during opening.


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