43107C: Air Extreme Ball bearing Pulley Assembly


Ball bearing Pulley Assembly for selected harnesses
Price per pair (2 Pulleys)

Category: SKU: 43107C x 2


Ball Bearing Pulley Assembly (Pair)


The Ball Bearing Pulley Assembly is an additional add on to selected harnesses. If using the speed bar, the pulleys will be essential and offer several advantages:

  • The ball bearing pulleys are superior to friction pulleys
  • Allow for effortless, smooth operation of the speed bar
  • Using the assembly, the position of the pulley is extended forward to allow a more direct angle between the risers, pulleys and the assembly pulleys, further reducing friction and improving operation.
  • If not using the speed bar, pulleys can be removed to simplify the harness and remove clutter
  • Optional, with easy assembly, disassembly

To assemble ball bearing pulleys please refer to the video manual>>


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