C Steering – Cstr
C steering is essentially a system that cancels the effect of the speed system. It rotates the canopy to a higher angle of attack in a clean rotation exactly as the speed system rotates the wing to a lower angle of attack.
The working principle is that while accelerated the pilot can control the wing by pulling the C steering thereby cancelling the effect of the speed system on that side, leading to turning or slowing down the wing without releasing the speed system.
This allows instant changes of angle of attack without distorting the shape of the profile, giving very accurate pitch control and collapse prevention while accelerated, as well as a great tool for recovery from collapses, especially frontal collapses.
This system adds another level of safety as the option to control the wing without using the brakes greatly improves the safety of the wing during accelerated flight.
It is important to use C steering in the correct way – which means pulling the handles down towards the carabiners and not back towards the shoulders of the pilot.