APCO is known to have the longest lasting gliders.
The secret to this is our cloth which is coated with a silicone based coating – two times on each side.
This is contrary to most other brands who use lighter fabric only coated one time on each side, and in some cases only one time on only one side!
Our cloth was strategically designed in cooperation with our cloth supplier during the 1990’s and until today is the best on the market.
On our current range of wings, we use this fabric on specific locations on the canopy where porosity is most important.
These locations are where aerodynamically there is the highest pressure difference (lift) between internal and external parts of the wing. These locations are also prone to the highest rate of porosity deterioration, making the use of this fabric even more important.

On the rest of the canopy where porosity is not a critical factor, we use lighter materials.

For more information regarding fabrics, please see technical article here >>