Marlon Jonat, erfolgreicher Vlogger und äußerst talentierter Pilot, hat mit seinem Video über den F1 von Apco in der Szene für Furore gesorgt. PARAMOTOR hat ihn zu seiner Leidenschaft befragt und auch private Dinge aus seinem Leben erfahren …
Interview von Norbert Aprissnig
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F1 :: Review :: Paramotor Mag (German)

I have flown APCO since after leaving PM school. I had the Lift, force 2 and NRG XC. I recently tried the F1 and let me tell you, it’s something else. Faster than the NRG XC, specially on trimmers alone. But my biggest surprise was efficiency. I need less power to fly the F1 level than I need for the intermediate force 2, despite being from 10 to 20 kph faster! Takeoff and landings require skills (fast runs and precise flare required) but if you are a skilled pilot you can nail a standstill landing even at max recommended weight.

Pilot Comment :: F1 :: Charles Terrell

Apco have named this glider the Fast One, so like most paramotor pilots would be, I was pretty keen to try the glider and see if it lives up to the name as I’m a sucker for faster gliders.

After talking to the designer, Adam Wechsler, briefly last year in September at the Coupe Icare in France, it was clear that…
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Review :: F1 :: XC Mag (English)

F1 nennt der israelische Hersteller Apco seinen neuen Leistungsflügel für XC und Wettkampf. Mit mehr als 70 km/h Topspeed unterstreicht der gestreckte Flügel diesen Anspruch eindrucksvoll …
Von: Franck Simonnet
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Review :: F1 :: Thermic Magazine (German)

Hi Jonathan,
I now have about 10 hours of flying the APCO F1 with the motor and I am really impressed! I also took many videos of it and I tested nearly every maneuver, spiral, wingover, barrelroll, sat, stall, collapse and accelerated collapses. The wing is just amazing and I really like it! It is my number one “go to” wing when I fly with motor just for fun! I hope I can edit some videos in the next weeks and month, but I have pretty much to do right know. I am just building a house and I cant say for sure when I will finish the video. I hope I can tell good news very soon!
Best regards,

Pilot Review :: F1 :: Marlon Jonat

… avoid all physical contact.

A positive thing though is that the F1 truly is a magnificent piece of equipment. You have really accomplished something remarkable with it. It does…

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F1 :: Pilot Comment :: Tero Vesala

La F1 se veut être la vitrine du savoir-faire d’Apco. Par rapport aux autres ailes du constructeur israélien, la F1 se place en haut du panier, au-dessus des mo- dèles NGR PRO et XC. Elle est encore plus orientée…

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F1 Review :: PM+ Magazine :: by Franck Simonnet

Yugo ARAI Reviews the Apco F1 for ParaWorld Magazine (Japanese)

Review :: F1 :: ParaWorld

Hey Jonathan –

I think Kyle (P2F) was already going to send this to you but wanted to send too. I took one of the other team pilots’ F1 up and did a review.

Really love the wing man. Good job. Here’s a video and some photos

Pilot Comment :: Collin Pike :: USA

I flew the F1 in Israel.
First, I was really surprised with the high aspect ratio, the glider looks beautiful and efficient.
Then I inflated it – Amazing. You just think and the glider inflates right away, even with no wind.
I thought for the first flight that I will need many ground handling to manage such a great wing, but instead, I flew immediately, and had fun instantly. The take off is smooth, lift is great and manageability incredible. The flight part is really comfortable, the wing follows your wishes, turns and gives you good feeling of the weather.
Trims and speed bar are so easy to use. I was really impressed with the speed. One of the fastest wings in my opinion. Probably the fastest.
The feeling while flying is safe, clear, and nice. I liked also the landing, huge flare, nice precision.
I loved it.
I will get one as soon as possible!
Aurelia Halle

Pilot Comment :: F1 :: by Aurelia Halle