My first flight was with a prototype of the Apco Nestra at the Dead Sea.
I even flew slightly overloaded and yet the performance of the wing was already impressive.
The Nestra flew remarkably dynamically and efficiently and gave me the feeling of hanging under a higher classified wing.
The steering is absolutely precise and it feels like a razor blade cutting through the air.
I flew with some C and even D category gliders and I felt the Nestra was on par with those gliders.
I’m used to hanging on a few lines from my Enzo, but seeing a similar picture on an En-B wing is truly revolutionary.
Marlon Jonat

Pilot Comment :: Nestra Light :: Marlon Jonat

First time I went to Apco Aviation manufacture, the Nestra was waiting for me to flying it. Once I opened on the takeoff, I knew that I would fall in love with it. Nestra is a high B class glider, with the best Apco’s Tech. Easy during take off, and even more for flying. The pressure is perfect on the brakes, what I was looking for in a glider to fly hours thermalling – gliding and don’t finish with your arms tired. The Nestra surprised me with the glide ratio, flying parallel to a C glider, but the best is the combination using the speed bar and rear risers control, when you feel the high speed! Nestra is the new future for the High B gliders!
I feel the need, the need for speed!

Pablo Andreu Ocaña
Apco Aviation Team Pilot

Pilot Comment :: Nestra Light :: Pablo Andreu Ocaña

I flew my 1st real long cross country on my Vista. I flew a 192 km, I am very pleased and so satisfied with this wing it is so stable in the strongest of thermals It is also very forgiving

Vista :: Pilot Revew :: <strong>KENNETH BRUNNEMER</strong>

Karisma II :: Video Review :: by Marlon Jonat

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try the Vista 5 recently, and placed my order when I landed. It was a light thermic day with low expectations from the forecast. I launched first in very light wind, but climbed out immediately to the first developing clouds, it was my first time at cloud base! Just Fantastic!

Pilot Comment :: Vista V :: Andrew Turner

No existen muchos biplazas ligeros y este es único y vale la pena echarle un vistazo si buscas un ala de este tipo. No es una opción superligera, sino que busca ser fácil de usar y duradero, bueno para caminatas, viajes y paramotor.

Apco Hybrid Tandem :: Review :: XC Español

There are not many lightweight tandems out there, and this one is unique and worth a look if you are in the market for such a wing. It doesn’t go for the super-lightweight option, instead aiming for usability and durability. Good for hike-and-fly, travel and also paramotoring.
Read the Full Review:

Apco Hybrid Tandem :: Review :: XC Mag (English)

I have flown the Hybrid tandem this evening with my son.
It’s a fabulous wing, so easy to inflate, take-off and fly.
It’s the exact wing I was looking for since several years!
A piece of ART!
I love it.
David Rouault
Kangook Paramotors, Canada

Pilot Review :: Hybrid Tandem PM :: David Rouault

New Apco Ground Handling Wing – The Adama

For several years I have been using various small wings to allow trainees in my paramotor school the chance to learn ground handling skills. The smaller size reduces the physical effort compared to handling a standard size wing, and I have more training days when the wind strength makes it impossible to control anything bigger than 16 metres.

Apco have also recently realised that a small wing would be a useful training aid and I recently had the chance to ground handle Apco’s little ground handling wing called the Adama.

Unpacking the wing the quality materials are normal for Apco, but I have never seen this bright multi colour scheme before. There isn’t too much to say about the simple Adama risers and the simple riser system with trimmers is so simple it allows a beginner to quickly get started. Apco seemed to have developed a wing that is basic, but requires a reasonable level of ground handling technique to be a little challenging. The Adama can be quickly opened up so forward and reverse launch techniques can be practiced in small areas in a wide range of wind speeds. I found it great fun to practice in gusty conditions in sometimes small and difficult areas. The wing has a really small pack down size that is really quick to open in a small space, practice and quickly pack it away again.

The Adama is a perfect combination of a low cost, basic design allowing anyone to practice the essential skills that make take offs easier, safer, therefore reducing the risks to more expensive equipment. The Adama is also an opportunity for paraglider and paramotor schools the use of a low cost training wing reducing wear and tear on a larger flying school wings. Paraglider and paramotor schools may also have more ground handling training days when wind strength becomes a problem.

So I think the Apco Adama will become an important part of paramotor or paraglider training with trainee pilots becoming more skilful with ground handling techniques while practising with this fantastic little training wing.

Paul Haxby

Apco Adama :: School Review :: Paul Haxby

Thomas Mistretta of Dragonfly Paragliding – Florida, USA, goes live on his first flight on the Apco Hybrid, and gives his first impressions of the wing.

“Hi Sally, Yes, I received the Hybrid and have a couple of students this weekend. Going to try and use the Hybrid and promote it more for new students. I have flown it and it’s the easiest inflating glider I’ve ever tried. I posted a first time free flight review / impressions and liked it a lot.

Hope you had a happy New year as it’s been a while but we are getting into our flying season soon.

Best wishes


Apco Hybrid :: Pilot Comment :: Thomas Mistretta