Karisma II :: Video Review :: by Marlon Jonat

Check out the Karisma today ? . Even though a beginner glider , I am starting to love it more and more each flight ?

Pilot comment – Karisma :: Mariyan Ivanov :: USA

The Karisma, is great, I have to say the brake travel is a bit short and more responsive  than a regular ENA glider, which is good if the student have good sense of pitch control .

Yeah nice beginner glider with a very thick fabric which good for durability, love the shark nose,nice glide and is fast!

Pilot Comment :: Mauricio Fleitas :: USA

The handling is very direct with a nice feeling through the brakes. It was super easy to top land in a tight spot with so much Brake travel at its disposal…
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Pilot Comment: Kieth, Canada