What a great all round first Paraglider. I had a great Ridge Soaring Session with the Karisma and had no problem soaring with many much higher performance gliders with No sensation that I was disadvantaged. The handling is very direct with a nice feeling through the brakes. It was super easy to top land in a tight spot with so much Brake travel at its disposal. As for Ground Handling I don’t think you could find a glider any easier. With a simple lift of the A’s it gradually comes off the ground and stops perfectly over head with little to no tendency to over shoot the pilot. Once over head you can simply adjust direction using the C Risers with a light touch or if you prefer the brakes it was also quite intuitive. Thanks APCO for outdoing your selves yet again with this perfect tool for the Starting Paraglider pilot and also making it a fun glider for us Instructors. Also love the new colors and logo design.