Tip for use – At the shoulder straps there are two adjustment points, one attached from the shoulder down to the rear of the frame/motor The other is a round shaped strap that runs through the front strap (belly strap) and behind your bum. You want this – “snug” So when you lean forward to get out of the harness to land your chest moving forward pulls the round strap and that pulls the leg/bum part of the harness up behind you so your legs dangle clear for landing. I had issues getting out until I adjusted these tighter than I thought they should be. I hope this helps people as I love this harness now.

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Pilot Review :: YouTube Video Manual comment

To: Apco Office
Date: Tue, Jan 5, 2016
Subject: SPLIT LEG

I love your new harness!! Amazing how it improves every aspects of flight

I love your new harness!!

The Manufacturer announced it. The new Paramotor harness is now on sale, with both High and Low Hook-up Points. It weighs in at under 1.5kgs, and is distinctive thanks to…

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APCO SPLITS IN TWO – Review in Free Aero Magazine

The idea is so simple that you wonder why it wasn’t thought of earlier. Attach a Mountain Style Harness, with thighs separated, onto a paramotor. By doing this, the whole…

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Apco Split-Leg Harness Review in Free Aero / Voler Magazines

Split-Leg harnesses are common in lightweight paragliding, with most hike and fly harnesses using the design. With more paramotor pilots looking to shave kilos from their kit too, Apco have introduced the idea of Split-Leg harnesses to the world of paramotoring. But its not just about saving weight…

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Apco Split-Leg PPG Harness Review in XC Mag

A bit behind schedule, the Eole 135 from the French manufacturer Bidalot is finally available as a production model, initially with Kangook and Adventure. Here’s our first impression:-

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ENGINE REVIEW: BIDALOT EOLE 135 with Apco Split Leg Harness