F3 :: Video Review :: by <a href="https://www.youtube.com/@johnnytechgear1613">Johnny Tech Gear</a>

Marlon Jonat Reviews the F3

F3 :: Video Review :: Marlon Jonat

Der F3 basiert auf dem F1, er ist laut Hersteller allerdings handlicher und einfacher zu fliegen als der F1. Der F3, der während der Entwicklung von Apco den Spitznamen „Kleiner Bruder des F1“ erhielt, wurde aufgrund des Erfolgs des F1 konzipiert und…(read more)

F3 Review :: Paramotor Mag :: German

Just flew the new 26m F3 for the first time this weekend. What a wing! I came off a Lift EZ and was right at home on the F3. I was ready to run for my life on take-off, and was flying before I knew it! Heaps of lift on landing. My flying weight is around 140kg. Wing is very responsive in flight, just what I was looking for.
Thanks APCO!
NS: Apco, I can only suggest to make a bigger deal of this wing in the media and your website – It just turned up in the lineup one day… I think this wing deserves a bit of fanfare!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Willie Erasmus

The team at Apco nailed it with a well refined wing that is fast, nimble, and really fun to fly. The F3 will inspire pilots to expand their limits for years to come.

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Gilad Almosnino

I’ve been flying the F1 since it was released, and I love its speed and performance! But, now that the F3 is out, I tried it and will get one – its just more relaxing all round, lower takeoff and landing speeds, but still has the great performance, and speed when needed. It will be my wing of choice when mine arrives.

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Eran Barabi

The F3 delivered what I was promised! That light weight thing pops in the air just by thinking about it. Rock solid and stable when I wanted it and super fast and responsive when pushed to the fun zone. Great takeoffs and landings with that baby! Thumbs up APCO!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Jacob Gourvic