Good morning Jonathan

You asked my opinion about the new F3Bi ParaTrike wing.
After the flight and some consideration, here are my impressions:

Positive Points:
Inflation, takeoff and landing are perfect.
Stable in the air and comfortable to steer.
I enjoyed flying the F3Bi, and this will be my next parachute👍.

Negative points:
It is easy to confuse where to connect to the risers (Maybe give a different color)
The 2D Steering is a bit cumbersome and not worth the awkwardness.
In addition there are both trimmers and speed system pulleys, which adds to the awkwardness.
Due to the awkwardness of the risers it is a bit confusing and not so straight forward as my previous glider.

[Reply from Apco: This was a prototype riser – we have modified the risers to improve these points].
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