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Initial F3BI paraglider review.

I received my F3BI paraglider last week and had a chance to fly it about 10 flights totaling 2+hours.

I own a tandem paratrike that weigh 115 kg with Rotax 503 engine 50HP.

7 years with paratrikes ( over a thousand flights)and 30 years paraglider experience.
I am a conservative pilot.
This is my first reflex wing.

First impressions:

Nice looking.
Solid quality materials.
Numerous advance features.

In the air:

Once inflated, easily controlled with good response.
I didn’t master inflation yet, I need to find the proper way. (I don’t use A assist.)
Longer takeoff run than other gliders I had ( it’s also smaller by 6 square meters than my prior gliders( 36 vs 42).Turning is beautiful and precise and the tip steering ( my first) is awesome with very light one finger operation. Getting used to reflex with the “ don’t control the glider forward/ back motions” are counter intuitive for me as I have to relearn this concept. As I was explained this wing is reflex 100% of the time so don’t touch 100% of the time. I have tried some strong full power and back to idle swing test motions and it did handle itself nicely. I did fly full trim in and full out. About 9-10 kh speed difference. Very easy to operate in the air smooth operation. This wing is considerably faster than my old wings ( Itv bulldog, Apco game, apco play)I didn’t use the speed bar/ A assist assembly which should give another 10 kmh.

Two things I liked very much:

It did take turbulence and unstable air very well and in contrast with my prior wings it didn’t give me any” heart attacks” while flying it.( so far😀)
Also, amazing flare authority, the best I have seen with any paraglider to date, I was able to hold it very precise at 20 cm over my runway with tiny corrections, and engine turned off. Still learning this new paraglider and will report again after 50 hours of tandem Paratrike on it.

Moshe Grad