Mohawk (pat. pending) is essentially a stabilizer positioned at the center of the canopy. Drawing inspiration from various fins and shares the same physical principles as a ship’s keel or airplane stabilizer.

The Mohawk measurably improves the wing’s roll stability and safety by acting as an auto stabilizing element whenever the wing is out of its flying axis.
The Mohawk has a great aerodynamic advantage over “winglets” in that it is aligned with the flow on all Angles Of Attack.

An additional advantage of the Mohawk is safety related.
The Mohawk will make any wing exit out of spirals spontaneously with no pilot input which is a very important safety feature for all wings. Spiral exit is fast but calm, slowly dissipating the energy.

Made out of Superlight materials, the Mohawk is an inflatable structure and stays solid throughout the flight envelope.
Introduced by APCO for the first time in the industry, proving once again #ApcoAviationSettingFutureStandards.