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44704: Karabiner Loop 12 mm Dyneema webbing


Designed for 25mm. diameter tube swing arms.
Rated 2,100 [kg] MBL.
The Apco Karabiner Loop provides pilots a reliable clean way to connect the flying Karabiners to the arms or swing arms on their paramotor frame.

Price is for set of 2 pieces!

80046: Universal Airbag for harnesses


Self-inflatable and superlight .Adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident.The APCO Paramotor Airbag is universal and will also fit most other brands paramotor harnesses

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41015: Universal Paramotor Harness


A specialised paramotor harness which could be used by paramotor enthusiasts worldwide and be compatible with a wide number of different paramotor frames.

Trike Pilot Harness


Extremely comfortable, safe, and light, the Pilot Harness was designed for ease of use with maximum protection.