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JETCOM Helmet Inc. Visor


Price includes JetCom helmet + Visor of your choice + Helmet bag.

Helmet is supplied as default with Paramotor side arcs.
For Free Flying ear paddings upgrade purchase separately.

6013677 : Ear Muffs (silencer only)


Paramotor ear protection.
Compatible with both the JetCom, FreeAir and other helmets. The empty ear cups designed to insure best passive noise reduction possible.
It is the same ear cups we use for our PH1 Headset.
Use it to protect your ears, or to instal your favourite 3rd party comms system.


60236A: Helmet case


Heat formed EVA case designed by pilots for pilots!

The helmet case is a well thought out item which will help protect and prolong your personal flying gear, as well as concentrating all items together so as not to forgot any item behind.