80048: Zipped On Paramotor Airbag for Split Leg harness


Self-inflatable and superlight .Adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident.

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Self-inflatable and superlight – this airbag adds substantial additional protection in the case of an accident. High volume and strong construction allow for maximum energy absorption.
In case of impact with the ground during forward motion, the frame will be pulled backwards, sometimes even collapsing and the pilot will hit the ground with his bottom part first. In these cases,Airbag will come into play, saving the pilot from unnecessary injuries.

The Airbag will be offered as an optional accessory to complete the range of accessories which already includes side pocket, reserve parachute container and back view mirror kit.

Use of the zipped on Airbag still allows for use of the zipped on pocket and E.P pocket!

Code 80048: Airbag for Split Leg harness


Pilot Comment:

The student in this video did not let his feet down to land on.  He chose to land on the APCO airbag.  It worked great.  
The Miniplane frame would have likely bent and maybe have been totaled from a hard butt landing.  I’ve seen this airbag work well with students and experienced pilots.  Great product by a great company. Oh, the split leg harness is a must have for students too.  They don’t need to let go of the brake handles.  They can run easier than a traditional bench seat.  The split leg even gives the ability to add more weight shift from the pilot even with a high hang point harness.  
Casey Cadwell
San Diego, California, USA
PS, the video was taken by Mike Masterson an instructor with USPPA
Here is another example of a save by the Apco Airbag:


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