80052: Ballast Bag – Bottom part – flight deck compatible, zipped on!


For use with Flight Panel (Deck) Top part. 9 Liter ballast bag with integrated drinking hose

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The bottom part Ballast Bag is designed as a separate compartment to hold APCO’s 9L Liquipak inner ballast bag. It can be zipped on to the top part or left off, depending on pilot’s need or preferences. So if flight does not require ballast, it can just be zipped off. Additional storage space (pocket) is built in to the flight deck with zipped front entry.

Of course there is no compromise on quality and materials. Attention to detail is exceptional as always.

3 parts flight deck - on the left flight deck with water ballast bladder, in centre flight deck only, on the right flight deck with integrated emergency parachute in front container

9 Liter ballast bag with integrated drinking hose

Careful design and well thought out details, make the Flight Deck in combination with the bottom part Ballast Bag an exceptionally superior product which will be enjoyed by pilots for a long time.

Code: 80052 – Bottom Ballast Bag

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