Hybrid 3/2 Line construction.
The center 2/3 of the wing has 3 rows.
The last 1/3 (tips) of the wing is a 2 liner.

Looking closely, you will notice a small but imperative difference between Apco and the other 2.5 liners on the market.
The wings are unique in that they have 3 rows hook up points on the center 2/3rds of the wing, and only 2 rows at the wingtips.
At the connection between the lines and the canopy, all other wings on the market have an additional point either at the 3 line area representing a D line and/or an additional point on the 2 line area representing a C line.
They are referred to as 2.5 liners, but in reality they are not.
Wings using this system have a dramatically low line consumption (only 215m for Nestra M size) which is less than most EN-C 2 liners on the market – this is due to the TRUE 2.5 line layout, introduced for the first time by Apco on the Nestra Light!