From: Mich

Date: Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 6:45 PM

Subject: Re: FW: Newsletter :: Paramotor Pod :: February 2018

To: Apco Aviation Office\


Hello Dear Apco –

Yesterday I tried my new paramotor pod in flight.

The pod is very comfortable inside – so I am very excited and I will definitely use it for my XCountry flights!

It definitely improves the overall air-dynamics – I can feel the changed airflow on my face! And it also opens the gap below the seat for better engine cooling.

The dashboard inside the pod is screened from sunlight, which is also good.

My friend has a small video of me with the pod – in attachment.

And also a photo from above – this is how all my pictures will look like 🙂

Thank you!

PM Pod By Mich :: Estonia