The F3 delivered what I was promised! That light weight thing pops in the air just by thinking about it. Rock solid and stable when I wanted it and super fast and responsive when pushed to the fun zone. Great takeoffs and landings with that baby! Thumbs up APCO!

F3 :: Pilot Comment :: Jacob Gourvic

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try the Vista 5 recently, and placed my order when I landed. It was a light thermic day with low expectations from the forecast. I launched first in very light wind, but climbed out immediately to the first developing clouds, it was my first time at cloud base! Just Fantastic!

Pilot Comment :: Vista V :: Andrew Turner

Apco Kitto – XC Mag – Video Review

No existen muchos biplazas ligeros y este es único y vale la pena echarle un vistazo si buscas un ala de este tipo. No es una opción superligera, sino que busca ser fácil de usar y duradero, bueno para caminatas, viajes y paramotor.

Apco Hybrid Tandem :: Review :: XC Español

There are not many lightweight tandems out there, and this one is unique and worth a look if you are in the market for such a wing. It doesn’t go for the super-lightweight option, instead aiming for usability and durability. Good for hike-and-fly, travel and also paramotoring.
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Apco Hybrid Tandem :: Review :: XC Mag (English)

I have flown APCO since after leaving PM school. I had the Lift, force 2 and NRG XC. I recently tried the F1 and let me tell you, it’s something else. Faster than the NRG XC, specially on trimmers alone. But my biggest surprise was efficiency. I need less power to fly the F1 level than I need for the intermediate force 2, despite being from 10 to 20 kph faster! Takeoff and landings require skills (fast runs and precise flare required) but if you are a skilled pilot you can nail a standstill landing even at max recommended weight.

Pilot Comment :: F1 :: Charles Terrell

Video Review :: Paramotor Pod :: by Marc Sommerfeld

Video Review :: Paramotor Pod :: by Marc Sommerfeld

Review of the apco ezr size small…recently purchased this wing from Miguel Simões at power2fly. This wing has made my conversion from Hang-gliding to paramotoring very enjoyable, its easy safe launch, and flying behaviour are very reassuring. Agility when combining tip and main brake steering is very sporty and you can have a lot of fun…very responsive. Whilst flying with friends they have been taken back by the speed of this wing. The build quality and design are what you would expect from Apco, pioneers of the sport with a work ethic second to none.
Thank you Miguel Simões for recommending this wing to me I absolutely love it.
Apco is my brand forever!

Pilot Comment :: LIFT EZ-R :: by Pepe Martello

Apco have named this glider the Fast One, so like most paramotor pilots would be, I was pretty keen to try the glider and see if it lives up to the name as I’m a sucker for faster gliders.

After talking to the designer, Adam Wechsler, briefly last year in September at the Coupe Icare in France, it was clear that…
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Review :: F1 :: XC Mag (English)